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A big focus on correcting a number of issues that exist with the AI

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  • Prevent the inclusion of factories in mobile unit ratio checks
  • Removes unnecessary economy checks from Titan builds
  • Uncaps the amphibious and hover tank build ratios when there is no land route
  • Recognises that Vehicle Foundries can be effective even without a land route
  • Recognises that the Advanced Naval Foundry can be effective even without a naval route
  • Can place amphibious units into their own platoon
  • Builds the Thor Titan
  • Builds the Odin Titan
  • Prevents hover units getting stuck on islands with land armies or in ponds with naval fleets
  • Recognise that the Investigator is amphibious
  • Fixed Enforcers being built on islands
  • Uncaps the Necromancer Advanced Suicide Bot build ratio when there is no land route
  • Fixed Deathmarks being built on islands


  • Update Rampart ammo mirroring for 113953


  • Added missing Titan UNITTYPE to Holocene


  • Orbital
    • Tyr
      • Moves closer to the target when attacking to maximise the damage done
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