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Version of Midair: Community Edition is now ready to download. This incremental patch resolves server stability issues, as well other other notable changes.

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Version of Midair: Community Edition is now ready to download.


In November and December, the community ran a successful “Bring Your Own 5” tournament, with over 50 matches played across two days, with teams from Australia, Europe and North America competing. Player VODs and commentary videos are available on our Twitch and Youtube, and moving forward the Midaire:CE CTF ladder is now open on the midair.gg website. This incremental patch resolves the server stability issues we encountered early on in the tournament.


  • Adjusted the quality settings of some audio tracks that should reduce stuttering for players on older hardware.
  • Updated enemy flag grab sound to be more unique.
  • New tempest explosion sound.
  • Corrected some grammatical errors in the VGS menu.


  • CTF-Silvas has had an overhaul of terrain, spawn points, flag stand, and OOB.
  • Added missing flag stand cameras for CTF-Nightflare and CTF-Trailblazer


All Game Modes

  • Midair’s, and Midair Kills are no longer tracked when they are against a teammate.


  • If you killed a flag carrier, in midair — It didn’t give you a Flag Carrier kill. Now it does.
  • Added Furthest Midair stat to tab menu for CTF.
  • Fix for players receiving points for flag capture even if the flag is returned.


  • Award first blood and first to die on each round.
  • Set Arena tab menu to display weapon stats, and few game mode specific stats. More to come…

Store items

  • Demonic / Putrid plasma weapon models added.
  • Female voice pack added
  • 5 new sprays

Bug fixes & Balance

  • Fixed several server crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where the server kicked players at the end of each map.
  • Removed some rendering commands that players were using to gain an unfair advantage.


  • Blaster inheritance increased from 50 to 100.
  • Plasma inheritance increased from 35 to 50.


  • Demo play back performance has been increased.
  • Demos should switch back to last spectated player on respawn during playback.

Happy Holidays from the Midair:Community Edition Dev team

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