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New launcher update as well as a client update including new ATM model, bug fixes and now partnered with Evil Credits.

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Client 1.5.2

Another Monday and another release. Just a quick update to tweak up a few things, but we also released a new version of the launcher. The new launcher should fix up issues we had over the last couple of weeks with bad patches.

New Way To Buy/Sell NuVO Notes

Aside from that this weeks big release is the announcement that we've partnered with EvilCredits.com as another way for our creators/painters to resell their hard earned NuVO Notes. We've been working secretly with EvilCredits for some time now to build a simple system for users to buy/sell NuVO Notes and we're pretty excited about the results. If you're a user looking to purchase NuVO Notes or a developer looking to sell your NuVO Notes then head on over and check it out.

Release Notes


- Added button to EvilCredits.com in the ATM Terminals

- Added new EvilCredits ATM terminal in the retail items catalog


- Fixed issue with location based achievements in Sunset Isle not always being rewarded to the correct user.

- Remove button on object inventory item renamed to Remove All to avoid confusion regarding it's functionality

- Added additional information in client bug reports so that we can better assist users who submit a bug report

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