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This version add the Plow, which makes planting crops faster and without penalty to morale from the Bronze Age onward. We also made several improvements to transports, including the new Transport Post structure, which allows to strategically distribute them across the settlement. As a bonus feature, we've included some new appearances for the villagers also, 12 in total.

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The Plow

This is a new implement that can be used to plant crops a lot faster and without penalty to morale.
Has to be pulled by either Cattle or Horses.

Transport Post

This new structure allows you to park Sledges/Carts/Plows in it, improving the organization of your settlement and opening new ways of optimizing work.

New appearances for people

We are adding an extra human appearance per Gender/Age/Era, 12 in total.

Modding updates

- It is now possible to precisely alter the distribution of trees, deposits, details and objects in custom Environments.
- New Workshop Uploader integrated in the game, that makes the process of uploading scenarios and translations a lot simpler.
- ConditionEntityNearMarker action in scenarios now works with any type of entity.
- Fixed issue causing traders not to bring techs costing over 20 knowledge points if changed tech cost multiplier.
- Added new CurrentGameMode, CurrentStartMode and CurrentEnvironment values for ConditionValueEquals

Other features

- New Plowing technology.
- Plant and harvest tasks are now generated in rows, with the closest plants to town going first.

- UI SFX volume reduced slightly.
- Added panic sounds for humans.

Gameplay changes
- Only adult domestic animals can now be used to pull Carts or Plows.
- Only adult Goats or Cattle now produce Milk.
- Milk production time reduced from 0.2 years to 0.18 years.

- Better usage of transports overall.

- Improved the way transports and animals follow humans, this also reduces clipping against structures.
- New larger and more visible mouse pointer.
- Improved Leather and Tanning icons.
- Raiders now ignore megaliths and mines.
- Performance optimizations in combat code, which should make mods with a ton of raiders run more smoothly.
- Removed most artifacts in tinted models.
- Fixed issue with river sound not updating it's volume properly when game paused.
- Load is now centered when just one object is being carried on sledge or cart.
- Added some more syllables for random names.
- Fixed typo in burials text.
- Fixed selection box on bridges under construction.

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Looks great!

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