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Post news RSS Verdun and Tannenberg are now available on PS4 in Asia!

A new campaign is coming, and Verdun and Tannenberg are available now on PlayStation®4 in Asia.

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A new campaign!

In two days time our second campaign event will begin. This one is themed around two major allied offensives in 1916 - the Battle of the Somme on the Western Front, and the Brusilov Offensive on the Eastern Front. The Russian attack was a great success, gaining territory, relieving German pressure on Verdun in the West, and striking a body blow against the Austro-Hungarian army.

In contrast the Battle of the Somme was a bloodbath, with more than a million soldiers wounded and killed over four and a half months. The losses during the first day were the worst in the history of the British Army, with 57,470 casualties - 19,240 killed in action. All this carnage resulted in minor gains in ground for the British and French.

Every fallen soldier on the Western and Eastern Fronts will be tracked. Anyone fighting in a public Maneuver or Frontlines match will contribute to the campaign casualty totals. While the campaign is running, players can able to see whether the Central Powers or the Entente are currently faring better. The campaign begins on Thursday 20th of August, and will run until Sunday 30th of August.

In our last campaign the Entente suffered slightly less casualties, but the difference was so minor as to be effectively a draw (like many major battles of the First World War). Perhaps this time will be different?

Verdun and Tannenberg have been released on PlayStation 4 in Asia!

That's right, the WW1 Game Series is now available for PS4 in Asia. The games can be bought separately or in a bundle. Watch the console release trailer!

The series is available right now in the following countries:

  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

We're thrilled to be able to bring our authentic WW1 combat experience to PS4 fans across Asia. Whether you're fighting in the trenches of the Western Front or maneuvering across the plains, forests and valleys of the Eastern Front - good luck!

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