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Vasilis is a hand drawn adventure game about old lady Vasilis seeking her husband Peter. Game events will take place in the city in riots. Fire is everywhere and we as Vasilis should find Peter and discover why people in the city stopped dying.

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Vasilis has been in developing last 4 years and now it's released!


It drawn on papers with ink and it's a story based game with classic adventure element. We have an inventory a map and a protagonist with which we will discover game space. At the start of the game city is already struggles of series of riots in it.

Topor TOPOR 2

Many places burned, many people lost their homes, but they managed to defeat governors and drive out of town previous administration.


At this point we are step in the game to discover the city and try to know the secret of defeating death.

Vasilis on steam:


Vasilis 2019 03 15 23 29 49 56

Vasilis 2019 03 21 13 40 21 27

Vasilis 2019 03 21 13 43 00 18

Vasilis 2019 03 21 13 43 33 32

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