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The full update log for Version 0.3.5 of Beyond Online. For more information check the website out for more information.

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Welcome to update V0.3.5! Not such a big update, however some big changes have been made to the game in the last few days. So I'll get right into it


+ Gold Members have a Gold Name In-game

+ Renegade Island Rework (Still being done)

+ New Tutorial Section (There's no longer a small, weak boss to fight. Just a small little island now).

+ Stormwind Mapping Cleaned up - Better performance

+ Piano Furniture

+ Mechanim Furnace Furniture

+ Wardrobe Furniture

+ Window Furniture

+ Armour Rack Furniture

+ Single Bed Furniture

+ Plate Cupboard Furniture

+ Havanian Banner Furniture

+ Furnace Furniture

+ Small Furnace Furniture

+ Barbarian Outpost

+ Barbarian Home


- Old Sprites (Unused)

- Tiles that are placed in the wrong maps

- Combat Guide


+ Boat Ticket
- Boat tickets allow you to get on board a boat and travel to various areas of the game. Boat Tickets can be purchased from Boat Stores or Ticket Sales men/women.


~ Performance

~ Mapping

~ Balanced Stores

~ Nerfed/Buffed Items (Courtesy of KittyCry)

~ General Bug Fixes

Best Regards, Bradley
Founder and Developer of Beyond Online
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