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The full patch log on Beyond Online. A fairly small log.

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Beyond Online V0.3.4 Pre-Patch (Not released yet, but will be the next update)

Windblast buff - Allow you to do damage/more damage.

Hitushi bolts - Allows you to quickly slash your enemy with full force (Warrior Only)

Tsunami - Covers your opponent in water (Mage Only)

Heal Tier II - Allows to heal up to a 6 tile radius also healing more HP than before (Healer Only - Level 25)

Demon Slayer Armour & Hat - They've already been put into v0.3.3a however I want to nerf aspects and buff aspects before making it a rare drop.

Dragon Shield - Allows you to take less damage from Dragons.

Mezarath Shield - A shield that provides you with 7 extra endurance and 3 willpower.

Corrupt Shield - A life drained shield that can only be found in demon infested area's (Level 14 )

Templar Gown - A templar warrior's gown. Only given to the strongest of soldiers. (Bezerker Only)

New background screen. with HD resolution background (Logo needs to be tweaked a bit to be HD)

Misc:Christmas Theme Music for the main menu :3

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