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Got quite a bit to cover in this update. I'm quite glad to announce it is a big-"ish" type of update.

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Patch V0.3.0

Got quite a bit to cover in this update.I'm quite glad to announce it is a big-"ish" type of update.

PvP Mechanics/Systems:

PvP arena (Havanian Falls) Released - Teleportation set
Below Level 10 PvP hotfix (You can no longer attack someone when you're lower than level 10)
Pets heal at a slower rate when hit by a player.
Any level of staff cannot attack a player.
PvP Rewards.


Spell Balancing.
Spell Nerfing.
Spell Animations.
Spell Sound Effects (Dependent on the attribute. I.E, Wind, Fire, Lightning etc...)
Mana Cost in spells.
Spell Requirements.


25+ Total sprites added.
45% of NPC's will roam the map (Non-Important NPC's)
Guards in Towns will Attack you if you have "PK" Status.


ALL Pet's balanced.
Pet's can now level up to Lv 50.
Cyprus Pet Added
Cursed Flower Added
Bandit Illusion Companion Added


New homepage GUI
[Image: 43903e0bed1d409f983d8207cdbe03c7.png]


Website Awards Added (Check your profiles if you're an ALPHA TESTER Sleepy Wink )
UCP "In-Game Name" Text Box
Store Page added - W.I.P but is fully Functional Click Here.
Map's Load Faster
Christmas Tilesets Added
Also a Massive Welcome to Firelad and Mason to the staff team!

This update will probably require a re-download as the auto-patcher still isn't working Huh .
Anyways I hope this is a bit of a Juicer update compared to others.

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