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Empires of Eradon - Closing in on 0.2.X Dev Blog + 0.1.4 EoE InDev Client Upddate!

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Closing in on 0.2.X!

Just want to wish everyone a happy newyear. EoE has been getting constant updates throught the holiday season as we close in on the 0.2.X release of the client! We still don't have a solid date but are hoping to have a ballpark by the next Dev Blog.

Tons of content has been added since the last including new graphics, enemies, items, locations and more! Take a look below for an overview as to what has changed and what is new, along with our plans for next update.

In regards to the Crafting Professions system, this system is going to be pushed back to the 0.2.X client release as there will be a UI Based Crafting sytem that is much more efficient and less complicated that making crafting the way we are now. We appologize for this change but will still work to start making the Crafting Guilds so they will be accessible when Crafting Professions are released.



  • Light of Eluin generic spell added to the game and can be accessed by any class
  • Bind Wound generic spell added to the game and can be accessed by any class
  • Speaking to a Binding Master will now properly bind your soul to that location
  • Recall: (Binding Location) now changes names depending on where you are bound to


  • The world now has Karma that will effect the state of the beings within it as well as other things
  • Hawthorne is expanding! Lots of new buildings and areas added to Hawthorne (Most empty)
  • Alchemist trainer is now available in Hawthorne
  • Wilds outside of Hawthorne are expanding! New areas have been added and will continue to be added


  • A few new quests are now available to partake in!


  • Mages now have access to all of their specialization classes, visit Mage Cuor in North Hawthorne to spec
  • The Elementalist mage spec now has a portion of it's spells available for purchase through Mage Cuor
  • Spell damage scaling across all mage specs has been increased to match spec class health bonuses


  • Warriors now have access to all of their specialization classes, visit Warrior Jet in North Hawthorne to spec


  • New items have been added including many crafting items for the Alchemy crafting profession


Characters now have a small red "Guide Arrow" that shows the direction you are currently aiming
Character faces have been updated with nicer placeholder faces, these will be changed in the future

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that caused a certain NPC to crash the client, this NPC was disabled and wasn't usable
Minor UI changes including the alignment of a few mis-aligned graphics

What's Next?

Next patch will focus mostly on getting Specilization spells and skills for all warrior and mage specs available to use, along with new class spells/skills and generic spells/skills. The Rogue basic class and it's specializations should also be available next patch.

Hawthorne should be nearing completing and lots of additional buildings, basements and more will be added. Town guards will be added to help direct players as to where everything is. Furthermore, additional player housing will be added around Hawthorne in anticipation of the Player Housing feature release that is currently in the works, we are aiming to have player housing working by the time 0.2.X drops.

We will also be working towards making the Patching Client usable as at the moment it contains a bug which improperly overwrites files during updates - wether or not we can get it working by next update is still to be decided but we will keep everyone in the know as to whats going on with that in the next patch notes.

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