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The official demo of Light Of Shadow is finished and it comes with lot of improvements to the graphics and some new features.

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This versions have a big improvement in all the sprites, I rework most of them one by one to make everything look better. The lightning has been reworked to dont be too yellow and instead of colour the game with yellow, now it just let you see the landscape.


In this 2 images you can see the example, In the first one is the old lighting that you can see that tint everything of a yellow colour and in the second one the light just iluminate the place.

I added too multiples new decorative sprites like small bush or grass or animations to make the enviroment more interesting like some plants that blink, waterdrops, blinking colums or symbols or puddles that move when you pass over there. I think all the minor details helps to make it a lot more visual appealing.


Also I added some new features to know more about the UnderWorld of Terodos, like now in the save statues you will be able to use the "record". In the record you can see the toughs of the creatures that used the statue and yours to have information of the nearby creatures, place and items. There are 20 pages of information.


And now each time the game loads you will get a random hint about the plot, gameplay to help you do better choices.

More new features are that now there are a new line of talents in each tree to help you customize more your playstyle and have new methods of completing the challenges you face.


This version brings some rebalance based on testing to don't make the game too hard cause this is the first zone, but still a challenge in which you can fail if you don't do it properly or don't react at time. Especially the final boss is the hardest challenge here with 8 different attacks and 2 phases. And now the boss have a new cinematic in which you will know a bit more of the plot.


Also there are various bug fixes of events not appearing under certain conditions and soem doors not working.

So thats all the new features so far, a lot more is waiting. A lot of places will await you and the darkness creature that follow you like the Reproduction Chambers, the Light Central or the Purple Citadel. You will know a lot of new creatures and will end understanding what happened here and where is Neruu.

Thanks for reading, you are free to test the game, I will thank your feedback.

See you next update!


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