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The trials of game making have begun! Just wanted to give an update on our race to enter the #makeitsuperhot contest. The team's been pushing hard and continues to do so, hoping to bring some great content.

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  • A large portion of our map has been laid out, beginning from a grand Indonesian temple, through the village, and down the mountain pass. This is where you shall meet the endless army for the first time!
  • Much programming, from enemy spawners, enemy a.i., superhot slow-mo, arrow detection, to some special moves for our heroine to use.
  • Modeled many map assets, some weaponry, the heroine, that evil glowing red hands guy...
  • Models have begun animation as I write this
  • Title screen music composed, in-game music being composed, with SFX to come
  • Still concepting the final boss...gotta get that one right

To name a few of the things we've been able to push out. Hoping to see this game in the contest. Kinda getting nervous as time ticks away, but the team is really pulling together. Time to get more coffee!

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