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Just a quick update on a few things related to development!

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Just thought I would get you guys up to speed on development. So as you can tell things have gone pretty slow, just recently I've decided to continue my work after spending a few days playing a certain video game which was recently released.

So the Kingdom of Ghoradul is almost complete, at this moment in time I'm waiting for some inspiration so I can finish off doing the scenes for the towns and villages, but I did decide to give the Nords some attention, they now have a number of new armours and weapons!

Big thanks go to BL and DeJaWolf for their Viking items that were used.


was that video game perhaps Rome: Total war 2 ?????

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Archie_Duke Author

No, I've been hooked on Grand Theft Auto V; I wasn't aware Rome: Total War 2 was released.

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ah ok, could've been =) RTW2 was out on 3rd of september I believe

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