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This update fixes the save system, adds new relics, and makes the game a lot better for new players.

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Save system status:

This update should fix the last problem with the save system, hopefully, save files will no longer get corrupted.
If you're still having problems - report them immediately.
I also recommend backing up save files just in case - don't forget that Sector Six save file folders get synced and backups get erased in they are stored there.

New content:

  • Added new minion: Pyramid.
  • Added new relic: Incarnation of Impossibility, Trapped Phasar.
  • Added new relic: Amplifier Well, Upgrade Sockets.
  • Added new relic: Duality of Transience, Etherion's Catalyst.
  • Added new relic: Mark of Defender, Hero's Exempt.
  • Added new relic: Strengthsource, Tridenkorian Flagship Systems.

Experience changes:

  • Removed region XP bonus.
  • Enemies now give 200% more XP.
  • Boss enemies now give less XP, but with global 200% increase it should still be right.
  • Reduced region XP rewards back to 50%/100%/200%.
  • Players will no longer gain XP after failing mission.
  • Players will no longer gain XP in lower level regions.

Vendor changes:

  • Reduced mythical part and etalon prices.
  • Removed generic and optimized part vendors.
  • Removed some of the advanced part vendors.
  • Replaced removed vendors with fractal part vendors in regions 2, 6, 9, 15, 17, 20 and 29.
  • Replaced removed vendors with part vendors in regions 2, 8, 15, 18, 20 and 25.

Ability changes:

  • Reworked Guardian of a Thousand Worlds ability.
  • Reworked Breach ability: Now deals weapon damage whenever enemy shield is removed.
  • Searing Beam now unlocks at spaceship level 18.
  • Entropic Missile now unlocks at spaceship level 4.
  • Spread Mines and Detonate now unlocks at spaceship level 12.
  • Attract Mines now unlocks at spaceship level 13.
  • Creation of Energy now unlocks at spaceship level 22.
  • Concentrated Fire now unlocks at spaceship level 6.
  • Phase Recognition System now unlocks at spaceship level 11.
  • Entropic Fracture ability has been renamed to Dimensional Fracture.
  • Unstable Shield ability has been renamed to Heat Shield.
  • Entropic Missile cooldown has been increased to 10 seconds.
  • Entropic Missile ability has been renamed to Nuke.
  • Capacity ability has been renamed to System Capacity.
  • Resistance ability has been renamed to Defense And Retaliation.
  • Moved Rapid Fire Mode animation.
  • Made minor improvements to Assemble Obelisk ability.
  • Player bladed mines now pierce destructible minion segments.

Term changes:

  • "Phase threshold" changed to "Phase charge speed".
  • "Phase intensity" changed to "Phase damage".

Miscellaneous changes:

  • Optimized parts now have two properties, but can no longer be upgraded with amplifiers.
  • Dropped parts can no longer have cooling rate and ether efficiency.
  • Changed part upgrade chance: Creates pop-up, upgraded instantly.
  • Instead of "Warning: Difficult mission" game now shows recommended spaceship armor and damage for that mission.
  • Waves now affect all minions on screen - minions outside the screen are not affected.
  • Changed what minions spawn in regions to reduce repetition.
  • Effect timers no longer stop while spaceship is in a dust cloud.
  • Improved Asylomandrenlysk's animation.
  • Improved mission 1 artifact carrier collisions with the player.
  • Reduced the number of missions required to fully clear regions. Note: Changes will be visible in new saves only.
  • "Press any key" now applies to the mouse in a first game screen.
  • Base phase damage has been increased from 0% to 100%


  • Fixed: Physical part boost calculation mistake - works with virtual parts as well.
  • Fixed: Damaging wave damage calculation mistake.
  • Fixed: It's possible to break story mission 1.
  • Fixed: Mission 3 database collision bug.
  • Fixed: Bulwark pulls problem.
  • Fixed: Oesa's Radiance set effect is not changing maximum armor correctly.
  • Fixed: Overload ability cannot reduce spaceship's armor to 0.
  • Fixed: Phase delay timer graphical issue.
  • Fixed: Cathode region reward.
  • Fixed: Players can receive level 91+ items.
  • Fixed: Vendor hint is visible after the player gets advanced access, not before.

Have fun!

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