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Hello Leviathan enthusiasts! Massive welcome as always to our new players and huge thank you to all you veterans! This update has taken a little longer than our previous ones, but that’s cos we’ve added more! I’ll get right into it:

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gauntlet screenie

Hello Leviathan enthusiasts!

Massive welcome as always to our new players and huge thank you to all you veterans!

This update has taken a little longer than our previous ones, but that’s cos we’ve added more! I’ll get right into it:

Optimisations – We’ve done loads more work in this area, so much so that you should now be able to play with 1k block ships! This draws an end to this round of optimisations, we will focus on content for the immediate future.

32bit version – is here! This we believe is the solution to players reporting not being able to download the exe. Turns out that steam doesn’t detect if your machine is 64 or 32bit so even though we stated 64 bit on our min spec, it still allowed players to purchase the game with a 32bit system. So rather than disappoint those players, we’ve done a 32bit version (something we weren’t planning on doing!)

Wave Machine – we’ve added the ability to tweak and change the waves in CREATIVE mode ONLY. All other modes are gameplay related and have rewards, so we get to control those J Have a play.

GAUNTLET EVENT – it’s time to run the gauntlet! A new type of event this time, where you need to race to the target area whilst not getting ravaged by the mines and turrets! Some nice rewards for this one so go check it out

3rd person firing – we’ve implemented arc lines to this mode to show where your cannons will fire. Pressing SHIFT and moving your mouse will show them (if mouse cursor is over a valid target). You can turn this on all the time or off all the time in options.

Cannon balls now continue into water, reduce speed and do damage to anything they hit in there

Balancing – We’ve done another round of balancing on all blocks and have tweaked the power costs, damage & health for all blocks. This will mean that some of your ships may now be overpowered in BattleSeas.

Concave Hull Blocks – added some cool new hull blocks that are curvy.

New Blocks Shot

Quick FPS Select – You can now use the keys 1,2,3,4 to quickly enter FPS mode. 1=Portside, 2=Fore, 3=Starboard, 4=Aft. Pressing the same key again will cycle through the weapons on the relevant side.

Newsletter Subscriber email – We had an issue here and didn’t capture emails so please re-input your email if you wish to subscribe – no newsletters have been sent yet!

V0.1.3 (Build 116) Changelog

  • Rebalanced the sails - The largest sail imparts a lot more force. The smaller ones have been reduced slightly. Costs and weights have also been re-aligned to fit with the thrust that they give.
  • Fixed issue on the sails where the large and extra-large sails thought they were logically bigger than they were
  • Fixed issue with the sails where one would see a chug when hovering over a sail with the same sail selected. Fiddled with the cloth settings on the sails to improve their look to compensate for the vertices loss.
  • updated min & recommended specs
  • Added joints that have less strength
  • Definable start position (Default to origin if not found)
  • Optimisation - Raytracing - sails chug in editor mode
  • Optimisation - Coalesce physics in larger ships, added option to remove this feature in options
  • Fix email subscriber issue - if you have already put your email in here, please do so again as we had an issue with a silent failure on this! sorry!
  • Fixed some typo’s in tips
  • TIP - add 'bottom' to the keel tip to give a hint on where it goes as a number of players/youtubers weren’t aware that it is mean to be placed at the bottom of a ship…
  • 32-bit version – build it, tested it and fixed it.
  • NEW Block rotations - WASD keys now give players more options to rotate
  • Creative Waves Option – Creative mode only – Added options to play with the waves
  • Water culler – Disabled this as it was causing more issues than it was solving. Need to come back to this later and make it work betterer
  • Added new gate checkpoint system for new event and subsequent challenges
  • Cannon balls now continue into water at a reduced speed and do damage if they hit stuff
  • Lights in scene - there's an Option in the settings to enable/disable dynamic lights.
  • Fire on Coalesced Blocks – This now works with our coalesced blocks. Fire is bad for your ship…
  • added stone house blocks to prop editor for new environment (not revealed in this update)
  • added new rounded blocks for ship building coolness
  • Implemented NEW 3rd person firing, tested it, took it out again! back to the drawing board!
  • Implemented another 3rd person firing solution, which is much better. Weapon Arcs now controlled via Options (3 modes) and display yellow/red with alpha fade if reloading. Targeting reticule now show White/Red as appropriate. (3rd person cam)
  • Balancing - Tweaked damage for all weapons and tweaked health for all blocks - Balancing round 2
  • Added new Gauntlet EVENT scene
  • Added feature for removing all joints (public).
  • Added feature for the weakening of joints.
  • Balanced the power stats for weapons in line with new health and damage
  • Siege housing blocks - Viking village & Viking castle type blocks
  • New 3rd Person Crosshairs x 2 (can shoot & can't shoot)
  • Message backgrounds updated and moved
  • Resized icons
  • Added concave curved blocks
  • Prop Editor – fixed up camera zoom out bug
  • Submerged Block function – mines can now sustain a submerged status, which should help to stop pesky subs!
  • Block max text - when a ship goes above 800 blocks, display text. Not a cap but something to warn the player that over this number will likely cause FPS issues.
  • Fixed timing of AI triple cannon so that they fire at the same rate as the player
  • Updated Version notes in main menu
  • AI - In ships that are built very obviously backwards, turn the helmsblock around so that the AI doesn't just run away thinking that its actually moving towards the player
  • AI ships now don’t give up as easily.
  • KEEL - added VERY HEAVY to the description on these
  • Added Bow curved blocks
  • Add 6 more pirate ships in each class (Cog & Hulk) to destroy
  • Wind direction - changed to match direction of the waves
  • Fixed BUG - thumbnails not actually updating the thumbnail for the ship
  • Tweaked text size (need to find another font too)
  • Quick cannon keys - pressing 1,2,3 or 4 selects a cannon and goes into FPS mode keep pressing each one to cycle between guns on that side
  • Adjust top/left messages guttering and possible screen scale issues (not scaling gutter?!) - Not working on shallow & wide layout
  • Changed the checkpoint icon
  • Animated the checkpoint indicator
  • Added tutorial for shooting mechanics
  • Various other small bugs and fixes

Ok so next up is our MEGA MELEE update, which will also include the next BattleSeas Class opening up and a heap of other cool stuff to do! Yikes!

As always, feedback and comments are very welcome!




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