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Post news RSS Update Patch GUNS, Chests, Visual Enhancements, and Holopets 6.2.91

We are very pleased to announce the new patch 6.2.91.

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(You will lose your old worlds in this patch)
- Procedural Weapons Pt1
- Implementation of 5 weapon types
- Fully randomized visuals
- procedural generated stats
- Modular bonuses enabled
- Craft em, and see what you get!
- Holopets Phase1
- Scattered around the world are brown eggs, pop them with your miniturizer to collect holopets!
- Can you find the Droid?
- Chests
- Now you can store your stuff! Check your schematics for the chests!
- If you miniturize the chest, all stuff inside will currently be deleted

- Glass
- Enjoy a window view of the stars, Check your schematics to craft it
- Visual Overhaul
- Improved resolution of world tiles
- Improved rendery of world tile blending
- Improved placeable rendering
- Updates to biome tiles
- Varous first past FX added
- Music / Sounds
- Biome Specific music
- Music system in place for dynamic mood shifts
- All 5 major biome themes are in
- Varous sound FXs added

Bug fixes:
- Player locking bug fixes
- More stability passes
- Doors now only occupy 1 tile space


ooooo I may just have to get this game. I was origionally thinking I might as well just get starbound but, who knows when that will get released. plus I have more hope on it now that it is progressing nicely through its alpha stage.

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Get this game! Its really friggin awesome!

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Yes i agree this game is a must buy!

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It's never going to be comparable to blackout, but at least it's fast and simple and fun for everyone.

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