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Plus 47 improvements, balances and tweaks and 62 bug fixes

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Hello all,

We have just launched the September update for Resort Boss: Golf! As promised, the update introduces new staff members, a new resort rating system, new animals and more.

In addition, there's a whopping 47 improvements, balances and tweaks, along with a further 62 bug fixes.

There's still plenty to come in October and November, so make sure to cast your eyes over the roadmap:

September Update Full Patch Notes

Improvements/Balances/Tweaks: (47)

• Magazine name is no longer randomly selected, which caused inconsistency when clicking on a message. Instead, it's tied to the last digit of the VIP's ID.
• Increased the speed of the player character.
• Increased the spacing of the queue spots
• Missions that have expired are now properly removed from the inbox.
• AI generation is now performed once, creating a database file that is shared in all the savegames. Created AI is located in a separate file.
• Added a floor modifier to the time it takes to build a building per wall unit (higher floors will add progressively more construction time)
• Pieces added to a building will also increase its building time
• Loans are now all unlocked at the start
• Add no tree option for sandbox
• Added an expansion permit on Prestige 2 to kickstart the resort.
• Added text on the permit counter showing when the next permit will be received and how much experience is required.
• Modified the calculations for the guest capacity on restaurants/hotel to make it more compatible with the expected revenue.
• Prestige is now properly awarded only when a building is finished.
• Increased the prestige gained from building holes.
• Increased the prestige gained from hiring an employee.
• Membership payments are now processed in one go, as opposed to creating individual transactions for each member. This should really speed up the calculations at the start of the month.
• Adjusted the calculation of the capacity of hotels and restaurants to better match the new pricing.
• Players can now go into the negative when building their resort.
o If they stay at or below 100k, they'll get a message at the end of the month saying their debt is getting too large, and the resort will be closed if they reach 200k.
o If they stay at or belo 200k, the game ends.
• Rebalanced prestige gains for holes and workers.
• Modified the spawn rate of vips to be based on the resort reputation and prestige.
• Modified the spawn rate of golfers to be based on the resort reputation and prestige.
• Hole automatic pricing is now based on resort prestige.
• Added prestige to the animals.
• Golfer needs is now randomized when they are spawned on the resort.
• Added an icon to the vending machines/benches to show when maintenance is needed.
• Added a particle effect for when golfers buy something on the vending machine or pay money to play a hole or use a building.
• Groundskeepers will now also tend to the animals.
• Marshals will now also inspect buildings on the resort.
• Reduced the threshold for the salesperson to go and try to sell things to golfers.
• VIPs will now displace any standby groups that are waiting for a tee.
• Added the panel for telling the player when they unlock something new.
• Added a button to cancel an ongoing tournament.
• Added a button to allow manually setting the par for a hole.
• Added an icon on top of tiles that need maintenance for better visualization.
• Added an extra routine to make the golfers more likely to use vending machines/benches.
• Disabled edge of screen scrolling when using the building builder or hole builder panels.
• Tweaked the golfers' values for seeking a vending machine to make it happen more often.
• Vending machines and benches will now improve happiness when used.
• Tournament spawning will now be based on resort prestige and reputation, meaning it's easier to fill tournaments for reputable resorts.
• Golfers playing a hole that will be used in a tournament will now be booted from the course once the tournament starts.
• Adjusted the font size to make the Portuguese text fit in the financial panel.
• Added information on the food/drinks sold by the salesperson to their panel.
• Updated the information displayed on the finance panel.
• Increased the size of the resort name on the scenario selector for better visibility.
• Tweaked the bounce settings of the physics materials to make for less ridiculous bouncing.
• Added 7 new kinds of animals.
• Players are now able to change the height tool level by pressing 1, 2, or 3.

Fixes: (62)

• Golfers are now properly kicked out if the putting green/driving range they are on is removed.
• Maintenance description will now properly show as Monthly.
• Fixed the job display text (Groundskeeper Joe) of the new jobs on the character panels.
• Fixed issue with the panels of the new staff not closing.
• Fixed crash issue when trying to cancel the placement of utilities, which prevented the utilities panel from being closeable.
• Fixed issue with the landscaper not moving to try and maintain a decayed tile.
• Fixed an issue where the decayed tile wouldn't appear decayed.
• Fixed the zoom not working on new staff types.
• Fixed wrong behavior on the spawn trees toggle.
• Display of the first extra permit will now correctly point to 2 when it's the first permit to be unlocked.
• Fixed the calculation of the experience remaining to show the correct value.
• Fixed issue with calculation of guest capacity that would result in hotels/restaurants having an ungodly high capacity.
• Fixed issue where golfers could be loaded without a ball, resulting in ghost golfing.
• Fixed issue where all course scores were appearing as hated as opposed to something more realistic.
• Fixed issue where golfer's predicted score wasn't being calculated where required.
• Workers no longer target an impossible to reach energy target, causing them to stay in staff room permanently resting.
• Landscapers should now seek decayed tiles based on distance properly.
• VIP requests and visits should now spawn properly.
• Prestige from hole tiles is now only applied once the tile is laid by the landscaper.
• Fixed issue where players weren't able to go into debt when building a building.
• Fixed issue with expansions not being buyable.
• Fixed issue with not being able to pick up the new staff types.
• Golfers' default profile photo will now appear properly.
• Golfers should now seek benches near the Tee tile if any are available.
• Fixed issue where players werent able to zoom/pick up the salesperson.
• Fixed a missed reference when trying to get the animals to emit a sound.
• Fixed issue where the game would try to spawn a building request when no building types were available.
• Panel for salesperson is now properly functional.
• Groundskeepers no longer tend to animals until the heat death of the universe.
• Vending machines are now properly cleared when starting a tutorial.
• Balanced the costs of the putting green, as it was getting insanely expensive at larger sizes.
• Fixed issue with VIPs waiting forever at the resort in case the hotel they were going to stay at didn't exist.
• Fixed issue where VIP result messages were being deleted before being read.
• Maintained tiles will now properly refresh their texture to the appropriate level.
• Fixed the description of the Marshal's actions to better reflect what they are doing.
• Fixed an issue that made the Salesperson and the Marshal attempt to go to a null location, resulting in their routine crashing.
• Corrected the text for the hotelstaying mission, and set the hotel rating to the hotel prestige.
• Fixed issue with panels for staff overlapping each other.
• Fixed issue with the popup for prestige appearing during tutorial/editor.
• Fixed crash issue when attempting to save benches/vending machines.
• Fixed crash issue when attempting to play a social reaction from the AI.
• Fixed crash issue when trying to show the image of the player's current state (Golfing or waiting).
• Inverted the behavior of the par type selector so that it works as expected.
• Fixed an issue with the display of the loans not showing the total amount and monthly payments.
• Fixed an issue with Unity losing the reference to certain objects in game, resulting in them never being deleted properly.
• Players no longer are able to play a hole that is reserved for a tournament.
• Fixed an old issue that caused the panels to scroll down you first opened them.
• Tee display will no longer say Tee 1.
• Fixed a bug that resulted in tilesets/terrain types not being loaded/saved properly.
• Fixed an issue where prestige information wouldn't be loaded properly when loading a saved game.
• Fixed an issue that could lead to the references to buildings being lost.
• Prestige is now properly reduced when demolishing a building.
• Fixed an issue where golfers were still being spawned despite the resort being closed.
• Buttons for the tournament history items will now correctly change color if selected.
• Fixed an exploit that allowed users to gain massive amounts of money by creating tournaments for courses that were incredibly overpriced.
• Fixed an issue with loading golfers that would cause them to get stuck and without able to act.
• Fixed an issue loading the golf ball for golfers which could result in the ball being disabled.
• Fixed the tooltip for the tutorial being shown again after completing an objective and going to/returning from the main menu.
• Fixed an issue where the VIPs weren't triggering the exit state in case of an unsuccessful visit, causing them to remain at the resort forever.
• Fixed an issue where the golfer playing icon wasn't being loaded when loading a save game.
• Fixed issue with the magazine ID sometimes being generated in a negative, causing the magazine name to not show up properly.
• Fixed issue with the building listing remaining open if you started a new game.

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