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This update holds an upgrade menu for Team Versus Team and COOP as well as fixes. You can the health of the players, turrets an mobs as well as the damage. Turrets and mobs also have an option to upgrade the range.

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Upgrades menuUpgrades Menu Upgrade

The upgrades menu now holds the option to upgrade the players, turrets and mods. You can upgrade each item up to 5 times. The upgrades are stacked. As an example, the first upgrade of player health will give you 115% health. The second upgrade will give you 132% health. The third will give you 152% health. You can find a list below. All upgrades applied are shared among the team. So if you want to play tactical, you let one person safe up for upgrades, let other build defece, and another person will build mobs as an example.

All upgrades now cost 1000 funds. It is advised to not buy these upgrades right in the beginning of COOP mode. However they can give you a great tactical advantage.

All upgrades are applied right after buying them. All your team's affected units will receive the upgrade right away including the health boost. However if a unit is damaged to 75% health, it will stay at 75% health at the new hitpoint range. All new build units will also have the provided upgrade.

Below is a list of all the upgrades by level:

  • Player Damage: 115% / 132% / 152% / 175% / 201%
  • Player Health: 115% / 132% / 152% / 175% / 201%
  • Turret Damage: 120% / 144% / 173% / 207% / 249%
  • Turret Health: 120% / 144% / 173% / 207% / 249%
  • Turret Range: 115% / 132% / 152% / 175% / 201%
  • Mob Damage: 125% / 156% / 195% / 244% / 305%
  • Mob Health: 125% / 156% / 195% / 244% / 305%
  • Mob Range: 115% / 132% / 152% / 175% / 201%

Upgrades Menu UpgradeUpgrades Menu Upgrade

Important Fixes

  • A versioning system has been added. This means that downloads are now available. You will be notified if a new download is uploaded.
  • Tanks are more stable and less likely to tipple over.
  • Graphical fixes have been made, however not all graphical glitches have been fixed.
  • An error when getting out of the round and starting a new one was fixes.
  • Fixes of a persistent turret after leaving turret build mode.
  • Fixed a glitchy turret upon placing if two players place the same type of turret at the same time.


Downloads are now available. The Alpha/Development versions can be downloaded here:

Game on!


Looking good!

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Gobla Author

Thank you. Do watch the other images for a better impression.

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