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A larger update covering what we did last months and what I plan to do this month.

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I don't even really know where to begin. For our first month of public development things went crazy well. I say public development because I don't know how long I've had the idea for this game and slowly fleshed it out in my head. I guess we'll start with the changes and revisions we've made.

- I've changed the name of the game to "Legends from Necrofection", but I still don't like it. This doesn't change the game world name "Necrofection Z"

- We've removed the hacker elements from the antagonists. Instead we've increased their numbers, and made the "reaper rounds" (insta-kill bullets) an optional part of the story, where the player can end up losing it.

- The begin of the story is still in the air. Original the player would be tranqed and sit through a small portion of the game. This is stupid and we need to find an alternative.

- After Patrick, our wonderful concept artist, made his sketches for the Petrifying Forest area, we've changed how the area might work. So instead of the trees having oversized hitboxes, the zombie enemies would end up getting stuck in the trees models. We give zombies a grab attack, which when they perform will cause the target to get stuck in the tree. This will give the appearance of the target getting frozen in place or pinned to the trees. The idea still needs some work but it's all there.

- We've come up with a fleeing mechanic for enemies. It will work something like at 25% health enemies have 25% chance to flee from combat. This came from our writer YingSeh, who has a good idea for a character tied to this mechanic.

Those are the big things that happened over the last month. So now I'm going to go through what needs to get down this month.

- The World map. I think I can make a mock up or silhouette of it. However, we still need towns, roads, river, everything a map needs. I've had a job posting up for awhile now looking for a world map designer, but no ones responded.

- Finalize the main story. We have the rough time, now we need to finalize it. Like I said earlier the openings somewhat blank. Other than that just need to get on the same page of where everything falls into place.

- Finish project bible. I know this may be a bit of an odd concept to some, but I feel it will be good to get later members caught up. So, what needs to get done is a full list and break down of mechanics and other gameplay elements. This isn't the most important thing on the list but is not the least important thing either.

- Major side quests and characters. Unlike the main story I don't think we need to be finished with some of the bigger side quest, but I want to know what they will be. And we need to get some good characters nailed down.

- Publicity art. This is the art we will use as backgrounds pieces and just general public use.

- Concept list. This is just a list of areas and things we feel we need concept art for at the earliest. This will be a team effort and we'll build it over the next month.

- Demo/Concept video. I've wanted to do this for a little bit as it could show exactly how this game works and just create a better understanding. I originally wanted to use Arma II's editor mode to make this, but after some testing I think we'll need to have two people to do this. We can do it in either Arma II or DayZ, which ever is more easily available.

So that's whats been done and what needs to get done. It may seem like a lot but I know it's doable. I'll start handing out assignments in the coming week and get the team chat going. If your interested in joining the project you can fill out the recruitment form, and I'll get back to you at the soonest.

I look forward to the next, productive, month :D

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