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Post news RSS Update Feb 08 - 2014 : Retcon

A somewhat large update about production, mainly to do with how the project has been structured and the development of the new second draft of the movie script which contains a lot more polish.

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Hello again everyone,

Its been a long time since the last update and I am really sorry for keeping everyone waiting but yet again a lot of things have happened, for one I lost my job again on Nov 4th 2013 unfortunately, I was let go due to randomized staff cuts so I am once again looking for a job.

But enough of personal news, this update features some interesting news that might surprise a few fans so lets dive in!

First off I have been developing a second draft of the story (I swear I have not already mentioned this) for the movie, to cut the description short I have retconned quite a lot of the events of the OVA purely because after watching it a few times I feel as though the movie would benefit from being set in one universe rather than attempting to mix them all and make sense of them like I had previously intended, this means that you will not see any mixed parts, super weapons or unique things like the V.O.B from any of the other titles purely because I am designing the movie to focus on a somewhat believable scenario after the events of Armored Core 2 Another Age.

The idea I am focusing on expands the idea of the "Lost field" area and the events of the mission in Old Avalon, specifically I have focused on working the narrative around the way the text for the missions is handled in Another Age to base the story on a "What if" scenario, this is all down to player interpretation but does make sense however. Doing this means that I will be remaking all the parts I need exclusively from the 3rd E.D era or as fans know it AC1-AC2-AC2 AA era, I will also be making more custom ravens and some high ranking ones will also return to make a appearance such as Ares.

To document all of the design choices and developments the 164 page online design document has been updated quite a lot, I am going to be adding to it the soon to be finished second draft of the movie script I have written up, the first one was very confusing as I was trying to blend all the AC universes together but this second draft makes a lot more sense and focus`s heavily on character interaction and clear explanation of the lore and reasons for what is going on so more a less anyone can watch it and understand what is going on, of course I hope to not alienate the hardcore fans of the series by having to almost hand feed people the plot and explanations of everything, so obviously changes will be made at some point to ensure its okay for both new comers and veterans of the franchise to enjoy.

And as usual even though I am getting help I will require more, with my tutorial Moddb.com on how I make the models up on this site it should be quite simple for people to replicate my easy to follow style, I am looking for anyone that's dedicated and interested to help rather than all the people that offered to 9 months ago and so far I have only had 2 people dedicated to the project.

You can still view the original animation here at

And also get more updates quicker at Facebook.com

So please, feel free to leave feedback and continue supporting this project by all means, I try to respond to as much feedback and comments from fans as I can.

Until next time!


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Dude this sounds awesome. AC2 is my all time fave and im glad you're just focusing on AC2. Not saying your original idea to blend universes was bad but it lack quality and felt like a jumbled mess. It felt like I was watching an Armored Core fan fiction come to life but it was a great animation and I have to honestly commend you for that.
Im very excited for your new project and cross my fingers that its ground breaking work.

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Moodydave Author
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Thank you very much for the support, I do agree with the comment on the jumbled mess that ended up being the idea for the original, and its comments and my own criticism of my work that has led me to choose this idea instead. Hopefully like with my previous works I can either match or top the last thing I did in terms of quality, mainly because it shows progress and evolution of concept and ideas, as I said before thank you for your continued support, I really appreciate it. :)

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