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Yesterday we released our latest update, adding damage numbers, critical hits and we managed to defeat an epic bug that has been pestering us for some time. Check it out...

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damage numbers

Ew, math.

But math feels good. Numbers feel good. Big number feel good.

We've been talking about this for a while and our quest to provide our players with better, more accurate feedback has led us to the conclusion that numbers are, well, important.
damage numbers screenshot2
So now every time your little Viking or giant plunger smashes another living thing, damage will be shown in big bold numbers. Take note that only successful hits yield the much sought-after numbers.

But wait there's more!

damage numbers screenshot


This was mandatory since merely adding numbers with no variety in values felt stale. Now every few hits, based on a frequency of our choosing, your blows have a chance of being critical hits.

(Needless to say this works extremely nice in combination with the Berzerk Rage)

bug defeated1

We did it! A high level bug we've been doing battle against for the last weeks has finally been defeated.

A lot of our players have been having issues with the in-game cursor. It should be ok now, do test it out and let us know if it's ok now.

Besides the stuff above there have been valiant balancing efforts.

Up next on Bossgard
Sure, damage numbers and critical hits are cool, but have you ever found yourself working on a massive overhaul of Bossgard's combat system to make it more deep and exciting?

Because we're upgrading the combat system, alongside a host of immensely awesome stuff (*cough* content *cough*) the next major update will arrive somewhere in the next 3 weeks.

This has been it, hope you'll enjoy the numbers, the crits and the now-working mouse cursor!

Till next time, a teaser:

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Curious, did the addition of damage numbers change the overall feel of the game to you? I find that games in which you receive damage number indicators feel slightly more RPG-ish then a pure Action game.

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blackthefall Author

Initially we refrained from using damage numbers, we felt it was the biggest immersion breaker we could add to combat.

However we tested it, people liked it, and it does provide extra feedback. Feedback has been a struggle for us because of the game's hectic nature. There's only so much we can transmit through animations and fx in the chaos that is our 5 v 1 mode. Numbers really helped.

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