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Update for Indonesia Mod v. 0.1.2, and future versions

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1. Make a better storyline rather than having indonesian blob randomly appeared in 1936

this is the storyline that i will use for the game (the old version of the mod is not using this storyline)

Communist Revolution in Indonesia against the Netherlands in 1926 is resulting a success. The People's Republic of Indonesia is formed with D.N. Aidit become the Leader. Still the tension between the Communist(PKI) , Democratics(Masyumi and PSI), Nationalist(PNI) andFascist(Golkar) are growing, so in 1936 a civil war between the Parties began. Resulting Nationalist victory (can be changed in gameplay) in 1937 and Soekarno become the President. *need improvements*

2. New sets of parties

  • Communist = PKI = D.N. Aidit
  • Democratics = PSI(1936-1939) = Sutan Sjahrir and Amir Sjarifoeddin, Masyumi(1939-1942) M. Natsir
  • Facist = Golkar = Soeharto
  • Neutral = PNI = Soekarno

3. New Musics

I found out the issues why the musics are not working, so.. im working a lot of patriotic music

4. National Focuses

Yupp... now you can play the game way more better

5. Indonesian Language

now with indonesian language

More Screenshots and Videos are coming!!!!

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