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The latest update of Galactic Crew improves the mini map and adds it to planetary missions. Mods and custom space quests are also enabled. In addition, the squad selectio and status bars have been improved and a quick save and load function might make your life in space easier. You can also change the keyboard layout and 4k monitor screens are fully supported.

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This update features two ways to mod your game: you can adjust numeric values and write your own space quests! By changing numeric values you can change loot chances, set the hitpoints and attack damage of enemies, set weapon turret damage and rate of fire or firearm properties to adjust combat difficulty. The mods are stored in simple XML files so you can easily add them to your game or send them to friends. There is no support for Steam Workshop right now, but it might come in the future. Please see the website for a full article how to mod Galactic Crew.

Mini map

The mini map has been improved with this update! First of all, it is now also available on all planetary missions. You can also see the position of all enemies (bears, dinosaurs, soldiers, ...). In addition, by clicking on the mini map, the camera will move to this location. This makes the navigation on planets and in dungeons much faster and easier and you always have a perfect overview over the current situation.

Crew selection

You can press the key combination Strg+A to select all crew members at once. Pressing a number key now only select this character even if a group was selected before. This makes selection of characters much easier.

Status bar

The status bars of spaceships has been improved. When moving your mouse cursor over an icon, the corresponding piece of equipment is highlighted and the icon is also highlighted. This makes it easiert to use them to repair pieces of equipment or to attack them on enemy vessels.

Quick save / load

You can do a quick save or load using the proper keys. The quick saves does not override your current save game, but uses a seperate save game file. The quick save uses the same behaviour as normal saving. That means, if you quick save on a planet and perform a quick load, you are in space again.

Keyboard layout

The keyboard layout can be changed in the main menu's settings. You can assign any character from A to Z, F1 to F24 keys and Space key. The keyboard layout is used as soon as you start or continue any game.

4k Support

If the primary monitor has a 4k resolution, the user interface will be automatically scaled up. All features of the game were tested on different 4k monitors to make sure, it perfectly scales. Before, it was possible to increase the user interface size by using a command flag. This flag is still available in case you want to use the larger UI on normal screens.

GPU selection

When using a Desktop computer or laptop with multiple graphics chips, Galactic Crew will now search for the best GPU and uses it. Before, the game used the first GPU that had enough shader support. This could result in picking the weakest GPU in the system.

Bug Fixes

Most of the following bug fixes have already been published with several hot fixes in the past four weeks.

  • When a crew member was used to board an enemy ship, the order of crew members could be messed up after loading the game the next time.
  • In one of the ancient temple planetary missions, it was not possible to attack on the bears with pistols.
  • The right-most weapon turret could not be repaired by clicking on it, when someone was using the Weapon Terminal at the same time. The icon was blocking the mouse click on the weapon turret.
  • Fixed a typo in an English quest description.
  • When closing the game during one of two planetary campaign missions, the mission was not properly reset when loading the game the next time.
  • The same problem as above happened, when teleporting the crew back to the ship before completing these missions.
  • The space background was not visible in multiplayer games
  • When recruiting new crew members on planets or in dungeons, they might have looked different (different gender or species) after teleporting them to your ship.
  • It was not possible to attack a resource processor.
  • The resource processor was not listed as a piece of equipment in the status bar.
  • Using the action option in the weapon smuggler quest of the Archaeological Expedition Story Line used food.
  • Raiders kept spawning when pausing the game during the pirate invasion quest.
  • Looting multiple enemies who were laying on the same spot was not always possible.
  • In some situations, enemies could not be attacked, if a dead enemy was laying next to them.

Coming up next...

The next update is planned for 29th September featuring an improved Tutorial, improved ground combat and improved atmosphere including new sound effects.

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