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Overview of the main changes in Shadowland since the last update and a new trailer and Steam page.

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In this artigle I will go through the main changes I have done to Shadowland

To get this in context, Shadowland is a game where you can control lights to use their shadows to complete levels. There are different lights that produce different shadows with diverse effects.

example optimized 1

Physics/Control Tweaking

One of the main focuses of this iteration has been to refine the controls and the physics of the player in complex interactions with the shadows. In this example you can see a level where the colored shadow makes a whole in the moving solid shadows and cause the player to fall down.


Light reach visual aid

In shadoland there are rectangles that serve as platforms and obstacles for the player, they also block the effects of the light as a handicap to compensate for the ability to place the light anywhere.

To make this rule more visual I have aded a propagation effect to the light.

Old Version


New Version


Enemy Visuals rework

In the last post I talked about how I changed the placeholder assets and repaced them for tentacles. As the narrative and meaning of the game has been coming together I decided that they don't really represent anything apart from symbolizing the feeling of being trapped and decided to replace them.

The ground tentacles are now plants that will grab you on contact


And the shooting enemy is now an eye. I also added a ray that shrinks as the time you have to hide runs out.


Current state of the game

All the content planed for the game has already been implemented. At the moment I'm working on level design iteration (as always), Steam integration and promotion.

Here are some screenshots of the current state of the game, and the latest trailer





More info can be found in davidserrat.com/shadowland/

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