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Post news RSS Update 2-Mar-2013 - What are we doing?

Hi guys and gals! Just thought I'd swing by with another update. We have, quite literally, hundreds of people swarming over the forums lately and I sometimes forget that you're here, too!

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Hi guys and gals! Just thought I'd swing by with another update. We have, quite literally, hundreds of people swarming over the forums lately and I sometimes forget that you're here, too!

So what have we been doing? Well, we're gearing up for the biggest, coolest, most feature packed update that the game has seen yet! Why is that? Because the game's procedural magic system is getting put into place, and that includes magical weapons and armour! You'll also be getting the quick-travel system as well as (at least basic) guild interaction!

On top of that there will be a heap of fixes and smaller features. You may recall last update where I showed you some of the new things being put into the countrysides... Well, they're in there now! Check it out!

It's looking great, it's playing great, and it's going to be fantastic.

We've also begun serious work on putting in a shaderless gameplay option so people with slower computers can run the game at much, much better speeds :)

Anyway, I'll keep you posted! Thank you for all of the lovely comments you've been leaving. Sorry if I can't get to everyone, or if I miss some, but I've been working like crazy to get this massive update out and things can slip by sometimes!

See you again soon!


Looks awesome. Keep it up!

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Shaderless gameplay option.. does that mean my laptop with integrated Intel graphics crap will be able to run this game? I'm pretty sure it doesn't, but one can always hope... I would love to let the people at uni experience this game :P (I couldn't convince them to downlod the demo..)

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CumQuaT Author

Actually, you might find that it'll run really well on your laptop in shaderless mode :)

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Guys, I've been following this game for a while, I'm really glad someone is making a serious Daggerfall-like procedural game. But I just wish it looked... well, better. For example, the grass looks very off (the streaks make it look like freshly-mown lawn even out in the wilderness) and the 2D art just looks a bit clumsy. The UI looks a little last century, too. I'm really not trying to bash (that house is looking sweet !), I'm just worried that such a cool project might end up suffering from sub-par artistic direction.
...Unrelatedly, are you hiring ?
Either way, good luck with the updates !

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That's exactly what I thought when I tried out the demo.

The idea and the procedural stuff is great, but the game won't have much chance at it's current state. On the screenshots it looks quite decent, but once you try the demo it drags you really down and the bad UI really kills most of the fun.

Also the graphics looks outdated or "out of the place" as Orteil said it. I never noticed it that much on the screenshots (they were probably photoshoped a little before being uploaded). But seeing the real graphics in the demo was really like... a punch of the face.

From the screenshots I would have it expected to be similar to Legend of Grimrock. Grimrock had nice graphics and still brought the good old school feeling on the screen.

If you could get the graphics and UI on par with Grimrock, I'm sure Malevolence will be an success (if the final game gets rid of the login stuff, this is not something people tolerate with indie games - I can accept it for the beta/alpha, but not for a final product).

Also the choice of the font is very unfortunate and quite hard to read (this Diablo-esque font)

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