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An update on what has happened in the development of SPB. New CG's, outfits, music, dialogue options, etc...

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A small update of everything that happened in the development of Spring Breeze since Oct, 2015:

First of all, we had another unexpected delay. Dollar's conversion rate has literally doubled for my country (Brazil) since around Nov, 2015 and only lowered a little ever since, thus significantly reducing the amount of art and editing I can pay monthly.

I'm going to repeat myself again, but the demo's still coming along nicely, but I won't make any more promises of it's release date.

Updates to the game's plot:

• Nayuki:

- Her background has been greatly enriched.
- She has two new CG's.

Nayuki's second CG

- One new outfit:

Nayuki's third outfit

• Ayumi:

- Her background changed a little.
- One new outfit (It's a surprise!)
- One new CG for her.

Ayumi's second CG

• Mai:

- Her personality and psyque has been updated.
- Got one new CG.

Mai CG


Updates to game's content:

• About 6 new soundtracks have been added:

by Stargenx: Newgrounds.com
"Remambrance" by Stargenx: Newgrounds.com
"Comfort" by Stargenx: Newgrounds.com
"Relax" by jjoon: Newgrounds.com
"Loneliness" by jjoon: Newgrounds.com
"The Simple Truth" by zktaichou: Newgrounds.com

• A few new variations of previous backgrounds were added:

Nayuki's house lights off

Nayuki's house lights on

• Alternate Views gallery is fully functional:

AV gallery

• Music room is fully functional:

music room

• Image gallery is halfway done

Updates to the "gameplay":

• Many simple dialogue options will be provided to the player, rather than only "story-changing decision making". That means, you'll often be able to pick what you want to say, ask or reply, though these won't have much impact in the story.

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