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And even if he wins his battle there is nothing left to return to since mankind has been erased in so many ways. It isn’t just that the Aliens attacked, Society went down and went down hard.

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I got asked about the Storytelling in Cyberpunk 3776. So the Voice Overs are thoughts of this lost guy in his ship, facing an overwhelming alien army, going forward as things are going from hell to worse. And even if he wins his battle there is nothing left to return to since mankind has been erased in so many ways. It isn't just that the Aliens attacked, Society went down and went down hard. The Aliens just erased the scum what where left of Human population struggling to kill each other. I really like to think of Jim Jarmusch films here where an mostly simple plot leads to an unavoidable end and the only choice you got is to hold your head up high while walking down that path, like Dead Man or Ghost Dog. It is a really dark place where I go here and on some level (without giving it to much weight) I like to think of it as an metaphor where hour current Society is heading or on another thought what everyone of us for himself must go through during life, facing aging and mortality. At the end everybody is for himself alone, facing the unavoidable consequents transience.

Play it here: Peter-hann.de

If you like the game please consider sharing it on your favorit Network since I need all the help I can get to justify the huge amount of time I spend with development.

Cyberpunk 3776

I got some major changes implemented. I added a Pooling System for all Spawn Objects to improve overall performance at get a Version that runs stable at 60FPS. This led to major Problems since respawned Objects from the Pool are not initialized in the same way a dynamically created Prefab Clone would be and it toke me 2 Days just to Bugfix the Version to be at 80% of what it was before. All so added dynamic lightning for Sprites which led to new Problems since Unity 4.3 handles Sprite lightning quit strange. So the Z-Scale of a Sprite affects massively the Light intensity. May need to rework something there since currently I have to adjust every Sprites depth scale to make it proper in light appearance and review all reaction animations to work with it, since i.e. adding a Punch-Scale-Anim on all Axis affects the Sprite brightness and lights up the Enemy.

  • Added Pooling for all spawned Objects (accept Bosses)
  • Added dynamic sprite lightning
  • Shooting Enemy's aim improved
  • Boss Stage2 random chance to do attack pattern twice
  • Added show Stage number at stage start
  • Added Color diversity for some Explosions
  • Added dynamic Lights to Boss 1 and health pod
  • Debug Features reworked ("ENTF" deletes Savegame, "F9" enables FPS)
  • Added basic Fog VFX - Color selected per Stage
  • Added empty Dummy Stages 4-7
  • Shield disabled Warning now plays sooner
  • Added Shield reloaded SFX
  • Added New Backrounds for Stage 1-4, they are now multilayered
  • Added new Stage 1 with a new Boss
  • Added Deco Spawn Handling for Background and Foreground Objects
  • Added Debris Spawn Chance on Enemy kill

I liked the thought process about the game story. It gives a more personal feel to the development.

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phannDOTde Author

I had a really bad day when I came up with the Idea for Cyberpunk 3776. I was completly frustrated with another project I was working on and wanted to build something with this agression I felt that day. So I started a Mocup in Photoshop leaving a lot of my usual graphical habits aside to make something that looks different from my other stuff. I'm still happy with the results and will stick to it until completion :-)


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Looks awesome :) I loved the raiden type games of the childhood, I hope you plan on adding exiting overthetop weapons :D Keep up the good work!

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phannDOTde Author

Hey, glad your like it. By chance to disapoint you I currently plan to stick with the two attack actions currently implemented. The default Weapon witch can be upgraded in sense of its damagevalue and the Overload-Charge that deals damage to every opponent on the screen. However there will be more variation in opponents with different attacks.


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