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"All gone - Mankind had lost it all. Hope, empathy, loyalty; lost love. Lost everything worth fighting for."

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Since I reworked the Ship Upgrade screen almost from scratch last week I decided to look into another GUI issue. In the current Version of the main menu there is not enough space for all upcoming Options to fit in the left sidebar. Besides this fact the Sidebar isn’t consistently usable with the Controller.

Mainmenue Old

So I’m working on a new main menu screen giving me a little bit more flexibility on menu point count and will do a new options screen with a few more necessary settings. The only tradeOff I have to face here is that I got one more sub screen to handle I didn’t want to – but what the hack.

Mainmenue New

Besides the extra Lap on the GUI redo’s I am working on design and implementing new Bosses and improved some Boss tactics. Obviously it would be great to show off some new Screens her but I really don’t want to spoil about the upcoming Bosses and Stages just yet. It would be great for you all to find it out for your self – reveal the Stages, Bosses, Tactics and stuff. Don’t want to take this first surprise away from you just for a few nice Pictures. Hope you all forgive me on this matter.

You can give the Game a try here: Cyberpunk 3776 Demo

All so spend some time going through my Notes and update my planning timeline for the Project. I find it always important from time to time to go through everything regarding a project, check forgotten ideas, and collect all notes into one List to get it out of my short memory brain – to be free to focus again on the most important Tasks first without having the feeling something is gone a be lost.

If you like the game please consider sharing it on your favorit Network since I need all the help I can get to justify the huge amount of time I spend with development.


Yukoarts - - 224 comments

I already liked your previous menu design, so I still like the current one. I identify myself with you in your efforts to perfect your project(ex: remaking the menu), as for keeping track of your ideas that is very important, as before I too did that I always had a really cool idea but ended forgetting about it one day later(still regretting).

Regarding "spoiling" your game surprises, I will tell what I am doing currently(just for curiosity sake), I'm showing the most relevant game progress up to a given point into the gameplay itself; between not showing any boss/enemy gameplay and showing it all, I'm for example showing just the gameplay up to the first boss, in a game which will have many I believe there will be no problem.

Keep up the good work.

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phannDOTde Author
phannDOTde - - 17 comments

Thanks for your kind feedback :-) And as you mention it I already got a few Videos out there and the Webdemo that can be played all throug until defeating the second Stage Boss; give it a try here if you like Peter-hann.de

I just might not show the new upcomming Bosses from the later Levels I think; because it might take something away from the experience of exploring the game yourself.


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