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Update 1.43 is now available online, bringing a multitude of content and improvements to enrich your gaming experience!

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Dear Operators,

Update 1.43 is now available online, bringing a multitude of content and improvements to enrich your gaming experience!


An exciting new map is now available for special operations, bringing the total number of maps to 20, with more to come this year! The "ARIAL Offshore Drilling" oil platform is located in the heart of the ocean and has recently been attacked by an enemy group.

This first vertical map of the game will require caution and strategy to gain the upper hand on your opponents. It consists of several levels, with numerous stairs and walkways providing access to objectives.


A new task, called "Encrypted Data", is now available in the mission menu. To succeed, you will need to recover an encryption key hidden on the map and then use this key to extract sensitive data. This two-step objective is perfect for discreet infiltration missions.


To optimize gameplay, several improvements have been made to make combat more dynamic. The revival and operator marking systems have been completely redesigned, becoming simpler and more efficient, allowing players to react quickly if they are attacked while rescuing a teammate.

As always, this update also includes numerous diverse improvements and fixes.

A big thank you to the entire community for your support and invaluable help in the ongoing improvement of the game.

Best regards,

- Addition: New map - ARIAL offshore drilling
- Addition: New task - Encrypted data
- Addition: New award - Finish a mission on "ARIAL offshore drilling"
- Addition: New award - Find the decryption key and recover data
- Change: The "Secure" task is only available on small maps (too many enemy appearance errors linked to the rest of the mission on large maps)
- Deletion: The "Recon" objective has been removed from the objective list (too much difficulty in accomplishing this objective and it may cause problems with the other objectives of the mission)

- Addition: New interaction to revive an injured operator (much simpler and more efficient)
- Addition: New interaction to mark a dead operator (much simpler and more efficient)
- Addition: Interaction -> Disable AA battery (required electronic kit)
- Addition: Difficulty option - Allows the enemy to throw grenades
- Improvement: Third-person view melee neutralization system
- Improvement: The AI operators are trying to neutralize an enemy attacking another operator under enemy fire
- Improvement: Global logic for enemy spawn and despawn
- Improvement: Enemy spawn conditions on small maps
- Improvement: The enemies is more likely to be present near the objectives
- Improvement: The enemy spawn is more dynamic with the "Siege" game mode
- Improvement: The extraction point is more likely to be compromised if the area is on high alert
- Improvement: The evacuation helicopter is more likely to be attacked at the extraction point if the area is on high alert (if the option "Unforeseen events" is enabled and an anti-aircraft battery is present)
- Improvement: The "infiltration" and "combat" music tracks have been better triggered based on the mission situation
- Improvement: Position of objective spawn areas on the "Al-Jan Province" map
- Improvement: All operators and enemies have their mobility reduced faster if they are injured (if "Injuries" enabled)
- Fix: If the "Leaning slightly" option was enabled, the player may have had difficulty interacting properly with thin objects
- Fix: The ballistic shield might not protect its carrier in certain situations
- Fix: The third-person camera may have had collision issues depending on the height of the encountered collision
- Fix: The AI might not be able to reach the rooftops of the airport buildings
- Fix: The AI could activate its laser and flashlight too early before firing
- Fix: The AI could get stuck while trying to reach the stairs to access houses on the "Al-Jan province" map.
- Fix: Change of some buildings on the "Ancient Ruins" map that did not have accessible entrances
- Fix: Two fighter jets used for support were reversed
- Fix: "Stock up on ammunition" interaction did not automatically reload the operator if there were no magazines in their inventory
- Fix: The injured player's movement speed was not correctly set at the beginning of the mission in the "Prisoner of War" game mode
- Fix: The roofs of the training center could block the proper use of support
- Fix: Positioning errors of some assets on multiple maps

- Addition: New startup movie
- Addition: New game modes pictures
- Addition: Global reflection on small maps
- Addition: Display of text in the HUD indicating when a support is currently active
- Addition: Opacity animation of the mission menu when changing categories
- Improvement: Progress bar of ranks evolves according to the previous rank
- Improvement: Position of icons on the screen when an enemy or equipment is spotted
- Improvement: Some user interfaces
- Fix: Camera position in 3rd person view in prone position
- Fix: The 'Thick Gloves' item could have incorrect morphing with the operator's arms
- Fix: Architectural elements of wooden houses on the Enila islands might not display correctly
- Fix: Some stone platforms could appear at a very short distance from the player on the "Ancient Ruins" map
- Fix: Incorrect positioning of the left hand when the firearm is equipped with the M214 grenade launcher
- Fix: Incorrect positioning of the left hand on some weapons without attachments
- Fix: Allied and enemy soldiers may not have positioned their feet correctly on the ground in certain situations
- Fix: The quick order display might not show shortcut icons correctly when selecting a captured enemy
- Fix: AI operators' posture at the beginning of the mission could initialize late when the player's camera was not facing them

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