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Update 1.2.6 is now LIVE. Main features include AI ship escort/squad, new weapon mount information and lots of bug fixes.

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Update 1.2.6 is now LIVE, check out the new features:

  • AI ships may now spawn with an escort or in groups, after level 10.
  • Weapon slots now have tooltips showing weapons installed on the turret and the gunner manning it, when available.
  • Upgraded spotlight now has increased light intensity and range.
  • Friendly Fire now also affects normal collision damage (not only Red Skull ship's melee weapons).
  • Activated Equipment (refinery, auto repair, nitro cooling, etc.) no longer reset when the ship is updated somehow, unless you are docked in a station.
  • Allied factions will now properly attack each other in the Arena.
  • Weapon tooltip now properly accounts critical damage bonus on DPS calculation.
  • Fixed some gunner bonuses not applying when changing gunner seats.
  • Fixed timed fuse weapons not receiving range bonuses.
  • Removed "Alpha" from numeric key binds on equipment (Example: "Alpha5" is now only "5").
  • Fixed VSync turning off when restarting the game or changing target framerate.
  • Marauders no longer hit each other when friendly fire is off.
  • Hunter Fleets will now try to stay on their targets instead of wandering around.
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