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Livalink V1.0.5 is out with a brand new survival map and a bunch of additional content, check it out!

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Update V1.0.5

Livalink V1.0.5 is out with a brand new survival map and a bunch of additional features. This update is a must for all Livalink players.


  • Added Crashwood Jungle Survival Map
  • Improved Ai spawn equations with balanced percentage spawn rates
  • Improved All gun sound effects with increased quality
  • Improved Weapon effects
  • Improved Difficulty factor variables
  • Improved Enemy prize drop rates
  • Improved Main menu level selection with preview images
  • Improved Overall gameplay
  • Changed Ai HitBoxes, increasing skill for headshots
  • Changed various map designs
  • Changed gui interface

I had alot of fun making this map, i wanted to add more variety to the environments of Livalink so i decided to invest my time into a large open map incased by a mysterious overrun forest. You'l find yourself fending off relentless Progeny attackers from all angles, scavenging the crash site for upgradable equipment and weapons with some pretty intense moments.

If you haven't already, be sure to give Hard mode a try and see if you can beat my highest score, post your results below or let me know via any social network.

Keep an eye out for an up-to-date trailer and more content comming soon, stay tuned.

liamdawe - - 399 comments

Sounds like an excellent update, more maps please :D

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d10sfan - - 494 comments

great update!

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UnderK - - 1 comments

That's refreshing! It would be nice to reuse some of this for making another map that we can walk in a forest :). Nice work, keep it up!

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patcha0u - - 1 comments

Well, here you go, my highscore so far (I could've gone on, but didn't have more time and wanted a nice killnumber:)).
This game needs some serious content for later waves, because after reaching level 5 (or after like Wave 18), it's the same old in every wave. I'd really like to see some more depth in customizing your character (maybe extensions for weapons, more ammotypes, maybe adding stats, which could be upgraded, etc.), so that people would be more motivated to play on.

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mik3k - - 199 comments

I'm a big game control freak - if controls suck it is so hard to play a game. This thing feels fantastic. I only made it to wave 7 so far (on normal), but reading the list of stuff in the game, I have a lot of content to try out. The game is well optimized (playing on an old dual core Win XP machine butter smooth).

If you buy any indie game this week - buy this one. Highly recommend this game. The only thing that would be better is a coop mode - maybe next game - then I will buy 2 copies!

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