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Post news RSS Update 09/25/2016/Will be Taking Some Productive Time Off

This is the last update I will be doing for a while. In turn, I will be focusing more in online schooling for business and I might also be doing some volunteer work. Here is a big update.

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- Make note Urizen is on sale on Steampowered.com for $1.99 until the DX update, it will then revert to $3.99.

Alright, guys and gals, ladies and gents, it seems I've been working on Urizen Shadows of the Cold for the longest with no real success. In other words, I predicted a much bigger outcome of both positivity and fanfare in my 6+ year hobby, but I have yet to see the great success I had envisioned, so I have decided to take a huge break. The next update will be to the Deluxe, DX version. It will be sudden but I will let you guys know ahead of time. It will be the 3rd major update you will see on STEAMPOWERED. Here is a list of those things I wish to tackle.

1. I will remove any further bugs or errors, there is a non-significant yet visible error found when you die and a "continue" run opens up.

2. There will definitely be at least 12 more stages made with 4 bosses added. Azurite, The Temple of Light, The Graveyard, Bloodgore's Castle and maybe one more.

3. I will try to add a "stage creator" so that you may share stages on steam.

4. I'm adding those bonus warriors again.

5. I'm adding The Travelers Guide, where you can see enemy bios and history, it will also contain a practice stage, game instructions, warrior bios and history. Tips and tricks, and some other.

6. The bazaar or store will definitely be completed and may feature an optional 4th projectile that you may purchase and choose from a wide selection in the bazaar.

7. A REAL storyline with new final boss setup and finale.

8. Upgrades to many of the bosses, aiming for originality and effective fun.

9. Each enemy will have different voice acting.

10. I will modify stage design for improvements.

11. Price will revert to $3.99.

12. Steam achievements HAVE BEEN FIXED, and will be introduced. There are 20+ at this point with more to come. :P

13. Urizen Zero The Serpents Fang production will undoubtedly begin.

I will make it clear that under no circumstance will I "end" work, or stop thinking about the world of Urizen, I just wish to take a heavy breather for the good of the game, my education and my sanity. LOL Expect DX to be pushed to mid - 2017. And for all you haters, if you are not willing to play for 10 min then please don't comment on my decision, and if you can't say anything productive then don't waste your time and mine, please, and show some respect, we have kids on board.

Thank You, Urizen Warriors.

John Pinto

Bloodshaow Games


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