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Hey there everyone. Here at Bloodshadow Games we are currently developing Urizen ZERO The Serpents Fang, a prequel to Urizen Shadows of the Cold. We currently have an incredible storyline written by Lead Designer, Writer Derek Thomas K. In this episode we convey the story of how our villain Draconan became a 'villain' and how the whole war for Urizen began. We plan to implement different fighting moves, along with multiple weapons, and a powerup/weapon/etc. menu. The game will not be a head bopper but more of sword swipe, platformer, similar to that of Castlevania except without the whip. It will include a cast of 3 warriors and of course will be a throwback to pixel art. The release date is to be decided. I plan to release it on Steam only. Remember guys and gals this is "retro at an Epic Level". We'll keep you posted.

Please vote for what you would like to see in Urizen ZERO here - Vote.pollcode.com

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I have begun a Kickstarter campaign, you can find it here.... Kickstarter.com

IMG 20210515 123850

I have included a number of items, with anything from, the official Urizen Comic Book issue 1 and 2,


custom action figures, limited edition holofoil versions of the comic book, the Urizen boxed video game with instruction booklet and


stickers, metal posters, and original artwork and prints...please visit and pick out a reward, it doesn't hurt to take a look. We are looking to break the $1600 mark so we are going to need your help...


Urizen Frosty Edition is Complete, Out on Steam!

Urizen Frosty Edition is Complete, Out on Steam!


Holy mystical cow!!! It's here Urizen Shadows of the Cold Deluxe Frosty Edition. It is finished!!! Out on STEAM for $5.99!!!

05/05/2018 Urizen News Update

05/05/2018 Urizen News Update


Yeah close...I've been working hard and I've noticed how cool some bonus stages would be if I had them in Urizen Frosty, so yeah the faithful Shaman of...

Quick Update 03/07/2018

Quick Update 03/07/2018


Quick Update 03/07/2018 The long road of coding and pixel drawing is coming to an end...

Urizen Update 11/11/2017

Urizen Update 11/11/2017


Got a new update for all those fans of Urizen for the month of November.

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The Official Urizen Frosty Manual

The Official Urizen Frosty Manual


This is the official Urizen Manual. Biographies, enemy bios, powerups, all described and recorded.

JohnMetalman Creator
JohnMetalman - - 68 comments

Remember People I promise nothing but good retro fun.
What to expect: a. 3 Attacks for example 2 Sword different Slashes and 1 Mega Punch
b. 3 different enabled projectiles when holding RB button for example holding RB and pressing A shoots a fireball, holding RB and pressing B shoots an arrow, holding RB and pressing X shoots a thunderbolt.
c. Run button for bigger jumps, also holding run and pressing A,B or X may for example tackle, run and kick, or do a running spear to the enemy.
d. Multiple Cutscene Transition Stills Like those found in Ninja Gaiden.
e. A tremendous storyline written by Derek Killion.
f. 3 warriors to choose from with multiple costumes each.
g. Hidden Secrets
h. Artistic Detail in pixel mind I will not use too many high render programs for the sake of that retro feel.
i. Keyboard and Joystick Compatibility
j. More realistic styled battle scenarios

What not to expect: a. 3D
b. a 30 dollar indie game
c. fancy gimmicky gameplay
d. head bopping

Of course I will add more to this list as soon as it becomes apparent that it can be incorporated into the game. I'll try to keep the price under $8.00.

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BSStudiosDerek - - 21 comments

Those who have looked at this, don't worry updates will becoming. The game is currently in development and the updates and any additional pictures will be displayed, at a later day that i promise you the people who visit here and also those who want to see what else is coming.

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