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Updated the Game Prototype and beside of Bugfixing I added some new Features like Weapon Overheating and a Music Track Manager. Check it out and let me know what you think :-)

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I spend a lot of Time the past days working on updating the Game Prototype of Cyberpunk 3776 and beside of Bugfixing I added some new Features like Weapon Overheating and a Music Track Manager. You can give it a try on my Website here Peter-hann.de. It can be played in the Browser and supports WASD, Mouse or mostly preferred XBox Controller.

I would love to get some playtest feedback from anybody on the current steering and difficulty settings. Check it out and let me know what you think :-)

Weapon Overheating


  • Fixed some issues with sticky menues
  • Fixed steering system (actually reworked it completly)
  • Added Music Track Manager
  • Added "Weapon Overheat" Feature"
  • Adjusted Balancing
  • Adjusted Upgradepoint Drop Rate
  • Added a second Stage (currently still same Boss as Stage1)
  • Polished some stuff i.e. Rain Sounds fade/in out now, music volume goes down while playing Voice Overs, etc.)
  • Removed Story Text (I trust in the Voice Overs to do the Job - one less click to get into action)


  • Fixed Cameshake Issues
  • Added and tweaked multiple Player Feedbacks like Knockback, Projectile Size correlating to Damage Value, Time Slowdown on Player dead, more Random Explosions
  • Chance for Explosions to Cascade
  • Tweaked some SFX
  • Fixed an issue with Ship Setup Screen while using Controller input

This is awesome! Played all the way up to level 4 or 5 I believe and then enemies just stopped coming for some reason about half way into the level. Couldn't progress after that. I think there should be different bosses at the end of each level and maybe the dialogue could come in a few more times during the level. Hearing it at the beginning and kind of imaginging it during the middle of the level or so seemed cool.

Other then that bravo! Great game, loved every second of it, love the features and environment. I think most people won't notice the background stretches when you go up and down, which I thought was very crafty.

Keep up the good work! :D

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phannDOTde Author

Thanks for your feedback. I really like to hear the point of view from the brand new "Gamers" perspective witch is easy to lose as a Developer while working on this piece so many hours and days in a row.
So, there are technically only two Stages at this point and after that it starts over with Stage1 as you press "continue". There will be more but it takes time to build new Enemy types and such. Each Stage is currently planned to have its own unique Boss Battle at the end. I am really committed to this little Project right now and I’m always glad to hear that some people notice the smaller tweaks in there like the subtle Background Scaling.
Currently I was polishing things that are already in place and where adding some new features like the “Weapon Overheating”. Working mostly as a “One Man Army” over here but I hope to finish the Development within the next few Month.
Ps. Not sure why enemies stopped spawning – have to watch out for that. But your progress should be saved at the end of any Dialog and you can just restart the Game.

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