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Today we bring you the furniture styles to inspect in "Unseen Value"!

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Hello, IndieDB community!

Welcome to our game's third game dev article: “Unseen Value”. Today we will show you the furniture styles in the game.

Furniture styles

As we have seen previously, the Lusíada furniture has European models and it's made with local materials and technics.

These materials are the ones worked by the artisans in that country.

For "Unseen Value" we will focus on the styles from India, the Mughal Empire, Ceylon, the Gulf of Bengal and Japan.

India (Indo-Portuguese)

The structures are made with:

  • Ebony wood without decoration or with little decorations in ivory
  • Teak wood with wooden inlaid of ebony and ivory and applications of golden cooper.

It can have as decorations:

  • Secant circles
  • Lion faces
  • Stylized fantastic animals
  • Vegetation motifs

indo portugues 1

Image 1: Indo-Portuguese (photo by: Cabral Moncada Leilões / Vasco Cunha Monteiro)

Mughal Empire (Mughal influence)

The structures are made with:

  • Teak wood or siso wood covered in marquetry of ebony and ivory, sometimes tinted green or red.
  • Teak wood covered in pieces of nacre

It can have as decorations:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Vegetation motifs
  • Scenes from the Mughal Court


Image 2: Mughal influence (photo by: Cabral Moncada Leilões / Vasco Cunha Monteiro)

Ceylon (Singal-Portuguese)

The structures are made with:

  • Sculped ivory
  • Sculped teak wood
  • Teak wood covered in sheets of sculped or pierced ivory

It can have as decorations:

  • Scenes from the Sinhalese Court
  • Historical scenes with Portuguese
  • Hindu religion scenes
  • Scenes of the Catholic religion
  • Indigenous animals and mythical animals of the sinhalese culture


Image 3: Singal-Portuguese

Gulf of Bengal (Southeast Asia)

The structures are made with:

  • Carved, lacquered and gilded wood

It can have as decorations:

  • Vegetation motifs
  • Portuguese themes, mythological themes and Catholic themes

Sudeste Asitico

Image 4: Southeast Asia

Japan (Namban)

The structures are made with:

  • Wood and fully coated with black lacquer with nacre inlays and gold paint

It can have as decorations:

  • Vegetation motifs of the Japanese flora
  • Diverse animals indigenous to Japan
  • Geometrical motifs
  • Portugese (nambans)
  • Coats of arms of religious orders

vent namba 1

Image 5: Namban

Next week we are going to talk about the moodboards for "Unseen Value".

Until then:

Have a nice week

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See you in the next article!

Safariminer - - 7 comments

I like how much creativity humanity has put in the concept of storage over time. <3

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Marema_Studios Author
Marema_Studios - - 9 comments

Thanks for the comment!
Almost all of them served to store documents and jewels. Some of them are quite special because they have the shape of the object stored, like fans and brushes

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