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Today we bring you the objects schematics of "Unseen Value"!

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Hello, IndieDB community!

Welcome to our eleventh game dev article of “Unseen Value”. Today we will show you the object studies.


As shown in the previous articles, today we present all the object studies and schematics. There are 12 objects in total.

The objects are from the Indo-Portuguese, Munghal Influence, Singhal Portuguese, Southeast Asia and Namban styles. And there are boxes, caskets, cabinets, fall-front cabinets, single-door cabinets, drawer and missal stand.

1 1

Image 1: Indo-Portuguese Cabinet

2 2

Image 2: Mughal Influence Single-door cabinet

3 1

Image 3: Namban Fall-front Cabinet

4 1

Image 4: Indo-Portuguese Casket

5 1

Image 5: Singhal Portuguese Box


Image 6: Mughal Influence Fall-front cabinet

7 1

Image 7: Southeast Asia Box

8 1

Image 8: Indo-Portuguese Drawer


Image 9: Mughal Influence Casket


Image 10: Namban Single-door cabinet

5 2

Image 11: Singhal Portuguese Box


Image 12: Namban Missal Stand

Next week we will talk about the improved user interface of "Unseen Value".

Until then:

Have a nice week

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