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Post news RSS [Unity 5 puzzle fps game] Pirate Treasure update #4 (Health, new bullet & cheats)

In this update I added: *health, *cheats, *new bullet.

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Hello guys and welcome to update 4 of Pirate Treasure!

It is time for the weekly update and today I added something that changes the whole game!!

I added health, it looks not so important, but it is.

You can't anymore just jump around and hope for the best, if a shelf hit you you are dead.

But if it wasn't a big impact the health will come slowly back ;)

Also another big update is that there is a new sort of bullet, every time you shoot you shoot 3 bullets.

The bullets will be shot to a random direction (between -3, 3 around the y-as). That happens only with this bullet. This makes it a little bit harder to finish the level.

I did it first without the random direction, but all the levels were to easy ;)

The third thing I added is a cheat system, currently there is only a cheat to change the maxium level.

I did this so I didn't have to finish every level every time I wanted to show something ;)

Hope you guys like it!

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