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Post news RSS [Unity 5 puzzle fps game] Pirate Treasure update #2 (added levels and star ratings)

Hello and welcome to the weekly update of Pirate Treasure! *There are now star ratings in this 3d collopase building game!

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Hello and welcome to update 2 of Pirate Treasure!

I foccused in this update mainly on adding star ratings.

That's because it is more fun if you need to think how to do it as good as possible.

For now it is in every level that you get 3 stars if you only need 1 bullet and after that it is just if you only need 66,667....% of all the bullets you get 2 stars and if you just finish the level you get 1 star.

Later on it will be fixed that it will be for every level different.

Also every time you pause the game, the time will still run. Thats because I don't want that you just jump from the building, pause the game and watch for a half hour how to finish the level.

The time doesn't matter in the star ratings, it is only to make the game faster. Also if you shoot your last bullet you get only 30 seconds to finish the level.

Everything about the time is to make sure that it would be a kind of fast-peaced game.

I'm also now planning on making a "how to finish each level" because some levels are going to be a kind of hard, but I want to hear your point of view from it!

Also every time you pause the screen you get the current stars (if you would now finish the level).

Also I added some more levels, nothing special.

The main focus by the levels is that it is fun to play. (So some buildings are maybe not appropriated in the forest ;) )

The last important thing is that I made the main theme of the game, probably it will be replaced later on with a better soundtrack ;)

I hope you like it!

The update video:

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