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To make creation of new units faster, i made some unit editor, embed in a game program. It's very useful for me and helps a lot. Process of units editing and some of game-play you can watch in video.

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Hello all!

Let me tell you in a few words about game's battle system.

Soldiers in their squads have following stats:
Strength, Agility, Mind Power, Battle Skills, Defensive Skills, Knowledge.
These six stats are actively used through the damage calculations.
Str, Agi and MindPow. affects more, but changes rarely - they determine first "shape" of unit. Hovewer other three stats changes more often, as squad grows in levels.
Also our soldiers have current/max health points, natural damage (for those who do not use any weapons), natural armor (thickness of fur), shield, melee-ranged weapons.
Squads have their mana and action points, counterattacks, radius of melee and ranged attacks and ammo (as it required for shots).
Soldiers have another stat - "Size", which indirectly determines how many soldiers of this type can be assigned to one squad.

In fight, type of action (sword slash, magicball cast, bite), weapon (or its absence) and unit stats - all have important value. Also counts terrain/weather/conditions factors.
Calculations are also affected by a type of pressure (trust, hit, slash, and other).
Orders of strikes in melee combat determined by "Initiative", which depends on unit stats and stats of weapon.
When one soldier takes his turn and he strikes, first thing is calculated - if his attack hits more enemies around his target. And then, for all targets we figure out :
Was or wasn't an evasion. If no evasion, then :
if there was a shield block. Evasion and shield block are affected by : soldiers stats, if soldier in formation, and type of attacking weapon(axes, halberds and flails have more chances to strike through block).
If there was a strike in an armor or through it.
There is also possibility to suddenly strike trough all types of defences, include natural armor - right in a weak point.
Ranged attacks have also feature of shot accuracy. It means that soldier can completely miss enemy. Hovewer there is always a chance that his missed projectile will hit nearby unit.
Every attack can be magic or physical by nature. It determines which exactly stat we will use for calculations.
Also every attack can consist of several types of damages. For example "Dragon Breath" consist of 10% of physical damage and 90% of fire damage. Power of "Dragon Breath" primary affected by Strength of character, but we can made connection of attack with any of stats.
Damages can be such types: physical, heat, cold, magic and acid.

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