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Hello world for this week we worked on the UI for "The Fragrance of Tomorrow". We also have more assets and more programming tests to show you. Check it out!

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Hello everyone!

We finally have the logo for our game "The Fragrance of Tomorrow". The Game Designer made something simple and clean, using only white and red, while white represents honesty and inocence, red represents blood and fire, red is energetic and powerful, this were the colours we picked for our logo since they combine with the story and the game.

Anotao 2020 05 16 113746

See more tests for the UI bellow:


game paudes




And now programming updates:

Anotao 2020 05 16 115307

When we reach a higher place that the guard can’t reach, he will try to chase the main character to the point his vision allows him to.

Anotao 2020 05 16 115503

Anotao 2020 05 16 115628

When the player gets out of sight, the guard will then try to reach the last location he saw (defined by a ghost of our main character that spawns in that last seen location). If the guard can’t reach that location after a certain period of time, he will just give up and resume his normal patrol of the area.

Anotao 2020 05 16 115810

A new implementation was also made. When the main character touches directly the guard, from the front or the back, his detection status will become immediately alerted and will begin to chase the player character.

Stay tuned for more!

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