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For version 0.02.0 Beetle Multiplayer Gameplay Session the theme was Gods of Metal...

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The Uemeu team had its first meeting and play-session on
Friday, June 7th, to test Uemeu 0.01.0 (Ant) in multiplayer
mode. The session was a great success, and the team plans
to meet every week to play with the latest version of

Beetle saw the addition of a number of valuable features,
including 4 new terrains , an in-game tutorial system and
my new favorite feature for screenshots: the solar flare! The
gradient sky panel that was added in 0.01.0 Ant helped to
make a dramatic backdrop for our “Metal” play session.

Thursday’s session had 8 participating members: Jeremy,
Stathis, Nick, Arkadiuz, Tim, Sam, John and Rachel, and
special guest builder Andrea joined us to create some
metal mayhem. You can see a video of the results (with
epic metal soundtrack) at

At the end of the session, we got to play a bit with
multiplayer physics, and a brutal battle of physical cubes
took place on top of the highest monument. Performance
remained largely stable and the meeting was concluded
with a team review and sprint list for the upcoming week.

Version 0.03.0 Cicada is scheduled for release on
Thursday, June 20th. We anticipate improvements to the
terrain system, the possible addition of a build avatar and
work has started on the much anticipated gadgets manager.
This week’s challenge winner, Arkadiusz, has chosen a
super-secret them for the Cicada play session, and the team
is gearing up for another week of hard-core development.
I can’t wait!

- Rachel Harper

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