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In this article we breakdown all of the bosses that appear in DEMO 2. Let us know what you think and feel free to contact us through a private message on here or even leave a comment. If you're on Twitter follow us (@Tu_Valkyrie) and drop us a tweet!

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The Anti-Valkyrie Force Veterans

In addition to the AVF standard units (analysed here: Indiedb.com) the Anti-Valkyrie Force also have a few veterans ready to deploy. These veterans are battle-hardened and wield a far superior arsenal than the standard units, so let's take a look at the veterans you can fight in Demo 2 (download link: Indiedb.com).

The Red Baron

Lone survivor of "The Crimson Sky" battle, the Red Baron is one hell of a dogfighter. Toting heavy cannons, thicker armour, and overclocked jets, the Red Baron is far from your average wingman, utilising all three in devastating circling attacks.

boss redbaronartrb fight

Triple Threat

With shock and awe, Triple Threat sweep in on their target, surrounding them completely before opening fire. The trio of choppers circle their target, making multiple fronts of combat to wear down the target. The two attack helicopters circle in opposite directions, laying down sustained fire, whilst the gunship flies by, attacking at random, decimating the battlefield.

mwu triple threattt fight

Fatal Mirage

An experimental aircraft sporting optic-scramblers and hologram projectors that uses deception and rapid fire cannons to confuse its prey by distorting their view before unleashing hellfire. As a further measure, Fatal Mirage will deploy a hologram decoy to divert attention and instil fear in its prey. Nothing is ever as it seems when the Fatal Mirage is in play.

mwu fatal miragefm fight

Check out the trailer to get a glimpse of all three in battle!

Let us know what you think about the game!

Feel free to contact us through a private message on here or even leave a comment. If you're on Twitter follow us (@Tu_Valkyrie) and drop us a tweet!

Guest - - 695,604 comments

Very impressed with the design of the bosses. The article was well written and easy to understand. Loved the retro sounds of the demo - reminded me of the good ol' days of Space Invaders!

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TungstenValkyrie Author
TungstenValkyrie - - 3 comments

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the article.

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