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Troubleshooter is a JRPG scenario gameplay and turn-based tactics based on-line PC platform game. There are some noticeable news in our development process. Let's check it together!

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Hello everybody. Troubleshooter's latest update news is here!

Six weeks had passed since we informed you about our game engine that is converting to DirectX 11 and Ogre3D 2.1.( click ) The converting work is successfully finished by our dedicated programmers.

Through their hard work, we made some progress in our visual aspects. Let's check it together!

1. Outlining.

Character's outline makes player to have more focus on their playing and it makes more clear object's appearance. Our existing method couldn't show covered objects. The only way was show everything or hide itself to show backward objects.

flag and char before exported

( before )

flag and char after

( after )

And drawing character's out line is also improved. Now we can use mask and outline rendering. So there is no object overlapping problem anymore.

outline before

( before )

outline after

( after )

2. Shadow.

Object shadow is one of the heavy resources. It didn't affect game play at all but it makes the world looks more realistic. So we couldn't give up its quality and the way of expression.

shadow final

3. Frame rate.

Expression of object is more sharpened. How about frame rate? It is natural that frame rate goes down. To us, this was a dilemma too. So we had to make a decision. After a long discussion, we've reached the conclusion that drop the DirectX 9 support. It's result is...

fps before


fps after

( after )

Though there are more characters(plus shadow) frame rate is higher than before. Map in screenshot is for test so its size is small. But the key point is frame rate marks higher in more complex environment.

4. Loading speed.

Through optimization of pipe line process, loading speed is also improved. Let's see the difference.

loading before

( before: 18 seconds )

loading after

( after: 8 seconds )

5. Dialog mode.

In this article( click ), we've introduced the concept of dialog mode. And it has been successfully adopted in game.

dialog test

That's all for today.

We know there's lots of things to do and we'll do it step by step. Please keep watching us.

Thank you for reading this article.


I think the decision to drop support for DirectX 9 was a wise choice. It's pretty much outdated so moving forward was a good idea. I have a question: Will you guys be porting the game to a console like the XBOX ONE in the future??? As always, a great update for Troubleshooter @Dandylion!!! =) Looking forward to the next one!

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LeeKiHoon Author

An expansion of platform will be a great chance for us. Our release is successful and if we can have a little spare time in the future, of course, It'll be exciting!

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Sounds good!!! You guys can count on my support @Dandylion!!! =)

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LeeKiHoon Author

Thank you! =)

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I love to see you work great~!

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LeeKiHoon Author

Thank you for saying that our work great. We'll never miss you. Please stay tuned!

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