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Finally our second game, Tri6: Infinite, has been released for PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) on Steam, itch.io and Kartridge.

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Finally our second game, Tri6: Infinite, has been released for PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) on Steam, itch.io and Kartridge.

Tri6: Infinite is an endless racer in a Tron like cyberspace setting. Randomly distributed obstacles with increasing difficulty level, virus opponents and 11 powerups provide plenty of variations. The longer you survive the higher your score gets and you can try to climb to the top of the global leaderboards. For even more fun, Tri6: Infinite even contains a four player splitscreen mode to play against your friends.

For additional challenges we’re partnering with 4Players and SCILL Play. SCILL Play is free to use and provides you with challenges you can solve in Tri6: Infinite to increase your SCILL level and unlock exclusive skins.

If you’re a streamer/let’s player and want to cover Tri6: Infinite, feel free to check out our woovit campaign. On Twitch we also enabled some drops. Just keep in mind you have to link your accounts with our own account system for it to work.

Check out some gameplay with developer commentary we captured in June:

If you want to try out the game first, you can download our free demo via Steam, itch.io and in our own launcher Spine.

If you haven’t heard about Tri6: infinite yet, you can find all informations on our homepage: Tri6game.com.

There you will also find some screenshots, features and more details.


To your UI designer: UI colors are too saturated too intense and game-content (spaceship) are too desaturated and lack intensity + your rotating ships are too dark at the darkest places. Also please check out Color Harmony Theory for selecting colors that HARMONIZE together. Some of the UI colors presented in this video - at 01:06 videotime - are chaotic and don't mix really well giving the feeling of "repulsive visuals". Attracting your customers with pleasant visuals are very important. People notice these things subliminally, you know..

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