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Dive into the Tri6 cyberspace, avoid procedurally distributed obstacles and beat the evil Virus enemies as long as possible to reach the top of the global leaderboards! Play locally in up to 4-player multiplayer and make life difficult for your friends using different powerups from missiles and mines to boosts and jumps.


More than 300 obstacle variations that are randomly distributed and get harder with every lap will lead to endless variations of the track. And be careful, not every obstacle is just static! There are also Virus vehicles driving along the track with you, trying to put an end to your existence.


While playing you will collect electrons that unlock new powerups. The powerups will allow you to survive longer and beat some Virus constructs. They are grouped in active ones that are reusable (e.g. missiles) and passive ones that are consumable (e.g. shield).



Play together with up to three friends on one PC. Drive the track, avoid obstacles and survive longer than your friends. Of course you can use all your powerups against them to decrease their three lives down to zero.


  • 3 playable vehicles with different steering characteristics
  • 11 unlockable powerups
  • More than 300 obstacle variations
  • Global leaderboards per vehicle across all supported platforms
  • Up to 4 players split screen support (on PC and consoles)
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Tri6: Infinite 1.5.0


The fifth and last content update brings you the new “Elemental War” skin set for all three vehicles.

Today we released the fifth skin set for Tri6: Infinite. It’s the Elemental War set you can see in the trailer below. The new skins can also be unlocked for 250 electrons each. The Hermes skin is also available in the demo.

This is the last skin set we will release. Tri6: Infinite is finished now from our side and will only get bugfixes if necessary.

If you want to try out the game first, you can download our free demo via Steam, itch.io and in our own launcher Spine.

Full changelog


  • added skin set “Elemental War”
Tri6: Infinite 1.4.0

Tri6: Infinite 1.4.0

News 2 comments

The fourth content update brings you the new “Spine” skin set for all three vehicles together with a bugfix for decals on skins not being displayed...

Tri6: Infinite 1.3.0

Tri6: Infinite 1.3.0


The third content update brings you the new “Gravity Vector” skin set for all three vehicles together with three small bugfixes.

Tri6: Infinite 1.2.0

Tri6: Infinite 1.2.0

News 2 comments

The second content update brings you the new “Metallic Flame” skin set for all three vehicles together with two small bugfixes.

Tri6: Infinite 1.1.0

Tri6: Infinite 1.1.0


The first content update after release contains the first skin set we call “Digital Noise” for all three vehicles together with some small improvements...

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