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Post news RSS Treason is released on Steam!

The game is currently trending on Steam, it's poppin up all over in New & Trending categories! Treason is a social deception FPS, inspired by TTT/Murder. Up to 20 players.

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Treason is released and it's having a nice start!

Store page: Store.steampowered.com

The playerbase is rising: Steamcharts.com

It's getting some nice reviews, one of them:

A very good sourcemod that seemingly appeared out the blue. Think of TTT but without many of the annoying bits from TTT. You have a central traitor revealing machine anyone can use to speed up game progress. You have many weapons that can handle a different set of circumstances and no redundant weapons, even a pistol is pretty excellent for combat!

People in this game can heal themselves, Detectives still check for bodies, and Traitors get some real unique abilities like placing bombs to lock off parts of a map or get caught embarrassingly, revive a teammate at like 30 HP, and check for remaining innocents. All these help the games move alone at speedy pace making sure many people aren't sitting in spectator forever.

Best of all is mafioso voice commands, the fun part between the combat encounters. You also get occasional Deathmatch which breaks up the constant deduction rounds.

screenshots things
screen 1

Cu in game!

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