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Totem arts is an award winning team, and we're looking for amazing artists and programmers to join us in our future endeavors! Do you have what it takes?

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RenegadeX Recruitment

Greetings community!

Do you have unique skills that you would be willing to contribute? We'd love to have you on our team! Our current recruitment needs are as follows...

3D Artist

  • Knowledge of good low poly game model practices (Triangle count, well packed UVs, LODs)
  • High and Low poly modeling for baking
  • Knowledge of Substance Painter for texturing in non PBR (Specular & Gloss)
  • Able to work off of and push art style

Environment Artist

  • Knowledge of UDK and level creation process
  • Ability to optimize levels for better performance
  • Good sense of lighting and colour composition
  • Create custom 3D assets, particles, and sounds (bonus)

All programmers should be able to work well with a team and be able to think outside the box and be able to make workarounds to get around engine limitations. Our codebase consists of nearly 2000 files, being able to pickup a large project quickly would be a nice bonus.

UI Programmer — Take UIs from PSD mockups to Flash movies then implement functionality in UnrealScript and edit current UI.

  • Flash editor experience (or similar application)
  • ActionScript 2/3 knowledge (preferred)
  • Any C++/Java/JavaScript/OOP language experience

Gameplay Programmer
— Take gameplay concepts and create working features and elements, tweak existing code and debug.

  • General understanding of game development/game engines
  • Ability to create optimized and logical code
  • Any C++/Java/JavaScript/OOP language experience

Backend/API Programmer
— Create APIs for the project, maintain and tweak existing API.

  • PHP/JavaScript/N.JS/Web development experience
  • Experience in creating APIs

Please keep in mind that Totem Arts is a group of passionate volunteers. As such, we do not expect a lot of your time to be dedicated to the project, but you should at least be able to keep in touch with the rest of the team and give frequent updates on what you're working on.


Hi, I am interested in joining the team as a 3D modeller.

I have seen your project while on the Wikipedia page for C&C Renegade, after reading about FPS and RTS hybrids game forum topic.

I have knowledge of 3Ds Max and Substance Painter. My website and work sample is at sketchfab.com/royzhang

My email is ryzhg@yahoo.com

Thank you.

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