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I am excited to announce the release of Tornado Ball for Windows!

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I am excited to announce the Release of Tornado Ball for Windows!

Challenge your friends or yourself in fast-paced arcade battles in what is finally a true evolution of the founding-father of videogames, Pong.

An original soundtrack with a Theme for every Stage paired with bright and colorful graphics, multiple Stages with various unique and challenging Arena Obstacles, a unique control-scheme, where instead of just reflecting the ball predictively, you actively control speed and direction via movement, boost and rotation of your paddle - now, your opponent must always be on his guard!



Try out the Demo down below!
• You get the first two Stages to try out Arcade and Versus Mode.

Tornado Ball - Windows Demo

• Gamepad support will be added, if there is demand for it.
• If a test-demo-build for Mac and Linux proves to work for people, those too.
• If the game is well received and popular, I will work on an additional 8 Stages, a Scoring System, Online Mode, 4-Player support, and Color Select.

Surprise your opponent and overcome Stage Obstacles by changing ball speed and direction to your liking!

Use a combination of your Tornado Paddle's movement, boost and rotation!
The true evolution of the Arcade Classic Pong!

You are no longer just a moving wall reflecting the ball with no surprise for your opponent!
Actively change the speed and direction of the ball, so your opponent always needs to be on his guard!

✔ Tight and Snappy Controls!
✔ Fast-Paced, Skill-Based,
✔ Physics-based, Competitive Multiplayer!
✔ Desktop and Tablet support in one! (Keyboard and Touch)

Dynamic Stages:
• Every Stage requires a new strategy to win!
• Sudden Death!
• Stage Obstacles change on Time Over!

Arcade Mode:
• Unlock new Stages!
• Three Balanced Difficulties for every Stage!
• Collect all stars to test your mastery! Can you beat Hard!?

Multiplayer Modes:
• Versus Mode: Challenge your friends!
• Co-Op Mode: 2 VS 1! (must be unlocked)

• Tutorial: Controls explained in animations!

• Adjust the game to your liking!

Original Soundtrack:
• Dedicated Theme for every Stage!

For fans of fast-paced, challenging, classic arcade-action games like Pong and Brick Breaker or Breakout and players enjoying a little competition with their friends!

Now enjoy the happy blend of vivid colors, catchy music & tight controls and have fun competing with your friends or against the CPU in Arcade alone or in Co-Op!

Buy yourself some fun with friends or alone for the price of a hamburger or coffee! :)

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