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this is the guide to follow if you backed the game Diversitas on Indiegogo or if you bought Frozen Nightmare on Desura

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As I write this Frozen Nightmare has generated 264 dollars in 5 months..nothing if you think about..
So sadly due to the fact that I have to work on a game that holds way more potential and the possibility to maintain me alive I will have to freeze the project for about 1 month . After a month has passed we will come back with our plans with the game with a larger team, which include going back to hardcore survival on a post-apocalyptic world. If you do not like this idea you are welcome to receive a refund.

Regarding Diversitas : If you backed the project on Indiegogo you can receive acces to Infinite Pixels Indiegogo.com Alpha and full release if you send me an email to teamsomnio@gmail.com with the email or username you used to back Diversitas on Indiegogo. If you dont like the idea of getting Infinite Pixels you can always send me an email asking for a refund.

pysiu - - 261 comments

Well, i'm sorry for your troubles and thank you for the update- for awhile it looked like you have abandoned this ship.

I'm still confused though. Does this mean that after a month you will develop 2 games simultanously? I hope you can see that this sounds unrealistic?

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valdimir1986 - - 10 comments

Thank you for informing us.

I am still excited about the project. I am one of those who never managed to make it work on my computer and I am always waiting for updates, hoping next one will make the game playable for me, so I will resist a little bit more before asking for a refound.

Good luck.

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Deto - - 3 comments

3 months and zero news, after you asked for ONE months time... I think I shouldn't be asking for a refund at this point. You've failed to provide a product for which we have paid.. perhaps you should just refund everyone's money and be done with it. I wanted to give you a chance, but it's clear to me that you have no intention of retuning to this. To Desura, *this* behavior, is why I'll no longer back projects here.

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teallink2142 - - 67 comments

some what confused... i came back to desura cause i missed playing Frozen Nightmare and now it looks like its gone... not looking for a refund... just wondering what ever happened to the idea's i suggested to ya? and when will i ever see that game again?

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brataccas - - 70 comments

I still have the first frozen nightmare on my hard drive, im glad I bought it early on :) gonna back it up on my external hard drive <---- one happy customer that does not need a refund


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