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A new We Were Here Forever teaser trailer reveals that the release date has shifted to Q2 of 2022 in order to ensure the best possible experience for explorers. The closed beta is open for sign ups, and a new Explorer Post newsletter will contain intriguing clues and first looks at new content for those who subscribe.

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We Were Here Forever will release next year in Q2, 2022!

We know y'all have been eagerly awaiting We Were Here Forever, but we ask you to hold that excitement a little longer. Our puzzles were SO MINT we had to polish some more for your safety. You know we care.

All jokes aside! Creating the best possible experience for all We Were Here explorers is the most important thing for us, so we are giving the game the time it needs. In the meanwhile there are still many mysteries yet to be unraveled. The most astute explorers will be able to gather clues with the coming material in the Explorer Post (more in that later). You already figured out one secret - the explorers you will play in Forever are the ones left behind in the first two games of the We Were Here Series!

We Were Here to play the closed beta!

You read that right: the We Were Here Forever closed beta will soon begin on PC! The lucky people who are selected will be assigned to explore one of the seven new areas in the game, with the opportunity to test specific puzzles. If you're interested, sign up for the Explorer Post here, and make sure to check that 'Beta Tests' box!

The Explorer Post will be a regular email release of new content as the release draws nearer. Subscribers will be the first to get We Were Here Forever news, including early looks at everything from concept art to music. So be sure to sign up for that explorer insight - for instance...

New Concept Art Revealed

If the Jester gave you the choice of freezing in the fresh air or staying warmer in the stifling underground, what would you choose? A trick question - you'll get both!


We Were Here Forever Concept Art 2

And how does that second scene look in-game?

Like this...

We Were Here Forever Graveyard Characters

That's all for now, explorers. Look out for the first edition of the Explorer Post!

Forever yours,

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